Whitney Wolfe Shares her Vision for Dating with Bumble App

The dating game has always been a brutal experience for people that are trying to get to know someone else. There have been so many different spins put on dating online, but most people fall into the same old grooves. Whitney Wolfe is trying to change the way that people see dating, and she wants to be able to present dating in a much different way.

It takes a lot of time and energy today, but dating apps have made it easier. Whitney Wolfe has created an app called Bumble that makes the dating process even more efficient through apps. She has done this with her 24 hour window that she gives women to respond to messages that are sent by men. This is definitely something that is very creative and efficient for busy people.

Online dating is changing in a lot of different ways, but most people would never realize that it is all about the response time. The average person that signs up for a dating app will typically send out messages to a variety of prospective mates. Whitney Wolfe is interested in doing this because she knows what it is like to be single, and she knows how women have had a hard time with the previous dating apps.

She has been able to put her stamp on the dating app industry by setting herself apart from everyone else. There are some men that may not particularly care for the fact that women make the first move with this app, but she has definitely has a lot of fans that prefer this method.

The app world is changing, and lots of people will appreciate what is out there for anyone that is looking for love. Online dating is giving people access to better innovative apps like Bumble.

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