The RealReal Achieves Major Market Recognition Through Pop-Up Shops

The RealReal is a San Francisco based company who specialize in the resale of a variety of high end men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and fashion accessories. The RealReal have been in business just over six years but have recently started to garner attention from customers and investors through Pop-Up shops in New York and their home town of San Francisco over the winter. The clothing consignment shop wrapped their first Pop-Up Shop experiment in November, bringing in a lucrative income of two million dollars from sales. In February, The RealReal set up it’s second Pop-Up shop in Las Vegas, hoping to repeat the incredible performance of their previous installments. The company is hoping to offer a new kind of experience to shoppers in cities that aren’t as accustomed to the Pop-Up trend.

Allison Sommer, The RealReal’s director of marketing spoke on the reasoning behind their incredibly successful Pop-Up campaign at the FutureStores Conference held in Miami, Florida, in February, saying she believes physical presences for online brands offer legitimacy and a street-level identity. Sommer says that the average over the counter order in a physical location is six times that of what customers buy online. She also says that physical locations make loyalists of customers as soon as they walk through the doors and get sucked in by the cool features of the brands The RealReal sales, something which is much harder to accomplish through online sales. Sommer believes so much in the Pop-Up trend she has dubbed 2018 ‘The Year of the Pop-Up’.

Indeed, Pop-Up shops have proven incredibly profitable for The RealReal, and Sommer’s faith in the temporary retail locations seems to be well founded and will undoubtedly provide extraordinary income for the company in the future. Sommer says that for many customers who are unfamiliar with the Pop-Up experience this type of store is even more exciting, leading to the company setting up shop in a variety of cities over the next year. The RealReal is currently the internet’s most funded luxury resale start-up and continues to draw investors with the impressive income flooding in through their Pop-Up showcases.

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