The Life-Changing and Inspirational Book of Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci’s “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed” has just been released to the public. It is a detailed and personal story of Nick’s turbulent life that magnified how his assets literally went down the drain, face his fears modified his perceptions, and re-established his wealth. With the support and endorsements of Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington and producer/actor, Dean Cain, the five-star ranked, and Amazon blockbuster biography by this time has more than a thousand copies sold. The “Seven Figure Decisions: Having Balls to Succeed” can be bought on paperback from Amazon and on Amazon Kindle.

Nick Vertucci recalls that he went into depression after he lost the whole lot of his business in computer technology, and then eventually made his way into the real estate market where he likewise made a lot of errors; he decided to enroll in real estate training where he was able to establish a relationship with an adviser. He revealed that the events helped him changed his way of thinking. After he was able to establish a solid mental footing, he coupled it with his real estate investing venture – and that was the turning point of his entire life and business. He states that he hopes his book will provide the needed assistance and inspiration to all those who are presently having a difficult time with their businesses and finances.

Seven Figure Decisions, is distributed by Lioncrest Publishing. The book’s 350 pages summarizes the basic strides that shaped the groundwork of Nick Vertucci’s life-altering viewpoint that helped him in creating a more sustainable and stronger business that paved his way to financial freedom.

According to Kevin Harrington, people adore a rags-to-riches tale. However, everyone will all the more admire a rags-to-riches, back to rags again then back-to-riches narrative. He continued to explain that Vertucci did not actually have any formal education or a stash of money that helped him find prosperity in the industry of technology, which he lost. Nonetheless, he got back on his feet and strived to get back to where he was – and completely succeeded in being prosperous. And Harrington said that for anyone who would like to be a millionaire, it is best to pay attention to somebody who has been there before two times.

Vertucci is a proficient investor in real estate who is similarly the CEO and Founder of The Nick Vertucci Companies based in the city of Irvine, California. Subsequent to developing his successful real estate venture, he launched the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy or NVREA that trains would-be entrepreneurs with the necessary education and tools in order to be profitable investors in the real estate industry. With profound familiarity and experience in property speculations, he created the “Turn Key” investment scheme to help others in renting bank-owned assets, rehabbing, and purchasing.

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