The Future of Cloud Computing: NuoDB’s transitional database

As a technician you know that traditional databases can only do so much. SQL oriented databases can do more but NuoDB has come up with transitional databases that work well with the cloud. With any application it is important that there is a solid platform behind it. NuoDB provides that solid platform. The difference is that NuoDB has a scalable and highly flexible platform that works seamlessly with cloud applications.

All the important components of a secure transaction are there with NuoDB but with one difference. NuoDB uses a layered approach in regards to its databases. What this means is that instead of the traditional one level structure NuoDB uses a three tier structure with administrative and storage tiers in separate areas. This allows the freedom of applications to connect without the means of a disk drive. By dividing the data streams into separate tiers while still maintaining secure access to the database, NuoDB has made it easier for users to make connections and maintain their constantly evolving data streams.

The elasticity of the cloud database is maintained through NuoDB’s transitional database without compromising sensitive information. It is important to note as more companies move data into the cloud the more transitional databases will be needed.

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