The Custom Companies Legacy- Perry Mandera

Today the company built by Perry Mandera is a full-service transportation provider, but what was this powerhouse trucking firm developed from? The Custom Companies was essentially the brainchild of one man, being Perry Mandera. In creating it he revolutionized the trucking market, as well as the capabilities of a company in terms of philanthropy. In looking at The Custom Companies since its inception, it has come a long way accruing a staggering 33 major distribution centers as well as access to over 5,000 various trucking partners. In addition to this the company also employs over 300 employees at the firm which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company’s success has led to much philanthropic reach by its creator Perry Mandera (

Due to the success of The Custom Companies, Perry Mandera was able to impact global disaster relief as well as general poverty aid heavily. Perry Mandera company was able to create a charitable organization, in Custom Cares, which allowed for Mandera to heavily donate through his conglomerate of companies. In 2013 when Illinois suffered from damage due to tornadoes Perry Mandera’s company, The Custom Companies delivered food and other supplies to families who needed them due to the circumstances. Mandera was act similarly again to aid hurricane Katrina victims in delivering 40 truckloads to residents of both Mississippi and Louisiana. In addition to the feats of philanthropy, Mandera also played a role in assisting victims of the California wildfires. These were all acts which led to the creation of Custom Cares by Mandera, which allowed him to further donate and have a philanthropic reach through his original trucking organization in The Custom Companies. Custom Cares has allowed for Perry Mandera to donate food and other various supplies to impoverish areas at various times throughout the year. In addition to this, Mandera makes it a point to coach and sponsor children personally. He has coached many sports teams as well as boxers two of which have made it to the Olympics. This has led him to also sponsor teams financially in order to promote productive activities and fitness for children in need.

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