The Adoption of Clinical pathways in The Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has five hospitals across the United States, all located in America’s main metropolitan areas. Each of these centers is fully staffed with cancer experts, modern technologies, and advanced treatments, something that enable the institutions to treat cancer in the best way technology can allow. With all these resources, CTCAs deliver personalized and whole-care services to each cancer patient.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America, together with the Allscripts and the NantHealth have finally partnered to launch clinical pathways. This comes after the idea to form a comprehensive and custom oncology Treatment platform in 2016 came to be. This platform is going a long way in improving the treatment of all types of cancer. The launch of this Clinical pathway marked the start of even better medical services for cancer patients.

According to Wikipedia, the seamless integration allows oncologists to access the Allscripts Sunrise Electronic Health Record (EHR). This platform will help in enlightening cancer treatment process without necessarily interfering with the physician’s clinical workflow. Since the integration is a rich source of a comprehensive collection of evolving cancer care data, cancer can now be treated using extensive details and from a clear standpoint.

Time to time, the clinical pathways is updated with the latest cancer researches available, treatment regiments, and with corresponding therapies. Consequently, this integration provides the oncologists with the ability to generate a curated list of care procedures, up to the point of care. For this reason, upon engaging the treatment platform, a range of information can be accessed For instance, one can get custom treatment regiments that are specific to a particular patient, such as disease type and the state of the disease.

With all the information readily available on the integrated platform, the CTCAs can easily classify the cancer type along with other additional and relevant information necessary to start the treatment. At the end of the day, a patient is taken though the appropriate process in fighting cancer. The use of evidence based treatment enabled by the integrated platform has not only made it easy for the CTCAs to effectively deal with this illness, but it has also established confidence in its patients.

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