Technological Fashions by Christopher Burch

Dynamism is a trait paramount in the fashion industry. Almost every aspect of it keeps changing. Bearing this in mind, an excellent fashion designer in this market has to be remarkably and uniquely creative to have a competitive edge over competitors. In the quest for supremacy in the sector, it has seen new changes implemented whereby technology has been incorporated for better and quality end results as clearly depicted by Chris Burch.

Christopher Burch is both founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He also is a co-founder of the Tory Burch luxury fashion brand and is an active investor with a keen sense of sales and marketing. He states that over time, technology has become fashionable while fashion has become technologically fashionable. It simply shows how the two variables are explicitly intertwined with fashion being the baseline. He further explains that the collaboration of the two has made it possible for the past, present, and future to be brought alive all in one package.

The objective of every designer is to create something that is going to meet the contemporary needs of the people. With technology in use, this has been made easier. The standards of functionality and innovation have thus been boosted a notch higher. Renowned designers in the world market today have admitted of the remarkable improvements technology has brought, presenting them with endless options.

Technology has also led to the designing of protective gears. Though not considered fashionable, its use has seen the creation of systems of protection like the cyclists’ airbag. It is a neckwear that pops out to protect one’s head against impact. More so, technology is being employed to recycle materials that later used to create fabulous fashions.

Chris also explains how using the two can create energy. Kinetic energy from produced clothes can be used to power up small electronic gadgets like watches and I-pods. Fashion is more often than not used to sell technology. Many people pick up styles, trends, and tendencies from fashion-rooms and shows. Therefore, incorporating technology in these activities may lead to technological acceptance of things not previously regarded fashionable.

Chris Burch has clearly outlined the interdependencies encompassing these two variables. It’s now outright that fashion and technology can go hand in hand and even help each other. Their future is tangled together.




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