Talos Energy – A Major Player in Oil and Gas Exploration

Talos Energy is making its impact in the world. Duncan is the CEO of Talos Energy, and has been an instrumental factor in the attempt to orchestrate a $2.5 billion merger between his company and Stone Energy. Even though Stone Energy was bankrupt at the time, the merger would make sense because it would allow Talos to become a public entity without having to go through the process of being publicly traded.

All this was happening during a hurricane and flood in his home town. He recalls thinking to himself that even a serious flood cannot be an excuse for completing the merger deal. So, he rushed back to his family in Alabama to make sure they were safe. Hurricane Harvey caused a lot of damage. He recalls working late into the night of his parent’s home. His parents lived in Houston at the time. Thus, the merger was successful. Talos Energy expects to receive annual revenues of $900 million.

The company’s CEO knows how to make the most of difficult situations. In 2005, Hurricane Rita caused a 13,000-ton platform to go adrift across the Gulf of Mexico for 60 miles. Talos Energy was able to clean up the mess. Now, the company’s platform pumps 16,000 barrels a day all the way from Phoenix to a ship called the Helix Producer.

The Stone purchase allows Talos to inherit the Pompano platform. Talos bought into existing infrastructure where the company can bring new oil discoveries into platforms already in place. This is also called the deepwater model. Talos Energy operates as an independent gas and oil company that engages in offshore production and exploration. The company acquires assets in the Gulf Coast area.

The company’s management and technical teams have a great deal of experience in the Gulf and Louisiana coast regions. For 70 years, the company has advanced its drilling and exploration techniques. Thus, a combination of talent and experience positions the company be a major player and competitor for a long time to come.