Susan McGalla Inspiring Woman Professional With Tremendous Track Record

Women always find it difficult to move up the ranks in the corporate world, but Susan McGalla is a highly successful and reputed businesswoman who has worked against all the odds to rise in the corporate world. Susan McGalla is the founder of P# Executive Consulting, a firm that provides business and financial consultancy services to companies. Before starting her firm, Susan McGalla was the CEO of Wet Seals Inc and President of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. Susan McGalla has been encouraging the young women in today’s date to pursue their dreams and do so with determination.

Susan McGalla believes that the glass ceiling problem in the corporate world is a real problem and that women should fight their way out of the prejudice that they have been suffering for long. Even though the world has moved ahead at a rapid pace and many women are seen today in the executive role, the numbers are still not highly encouraging for motivated women. There are many women support groups out there that are working with professional women to help them move up the ranks in their workplace, but Susan McGalla feels that these initiatives and women support groups aren’t enough to achieve high numbers of women at executive positions in the industry.

Susan McGalla says that women should focus on their studies and career if they want to land their dream job in the competitive corporate world. Women that are highly qualified would be well-respected, and it is what would help them land a job that they desire. Susan McGalla feels that it is equally essential for the companies to appoint mentors for dedicated women professionals who are working hard to achieve their job objectives and help the company achieve their goals. Such women who are heavily invested in their work can reach great heights of success in their career with some guidance and mentoring.

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