Strategic and Innovative Business Woman Lori Senecal

Strategic conversion is one of the best ways of good leadership. Leaders provide a platform for employees and management to come together and brainstorm ideas about innovations and improvement of the company. The management comes up with specific ideas facing the organization and gives the employees a chance to present various solutions either as individual work or in groups. To make sure that good ideas are not passed by, the organization creates forums. The organizations management role is to empower the employees by giving the mentorship and resources. Employees may not understand what corporate strategy is. Therefore, it is management’s job to enlighten them. Proper communication should be a priority if the management wishes the employees to come up with good, viable and implementable ideas. Some of the best ways to come up with innovative ideas include; setting up events where employees come up with new ideas, groups or individuals compete over where prizes are won, setting up challenges to specific problems, employees being involved in reviewing the organization’s annual plan and lastly getting ideas from clients. Lori Senecal a business strategist and the chief executive officer of the CP &B Company has tried to apply these strategies in her career as a leader.

According to PR News Wire, Lori Senecal became the CEO of Crispin Porter and Bogusky in 2015 after her departure from Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal to oversee its growth and expansion. The firm has ten international offices and focuses on continued growth around the world. Before she left KBS she had managed to offer employees a course in venture capital to help them improve their entrepreneurial skills so they could help improve KBS. She sourced ideas from employees in a competition at KBS+ to improve operations and their morale.

After Loris arrival at CP&B, the organizations revenue has improved by 20%. Lori Senecal created an inventive way of doing business in the company Loris success, leadership and being talent oriented led to the firm to be recognized among the innovators of the year 2017. Lori was recently honored by Fast Company as a revolutionary leader and as a result named as one of the most creative businesswomen in 2017.

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