Securus Endeavor in Correctional Services Communication Systems

Securus Technologies is a company that majors in the provision of a leading edge in civil and criminal justice solutions. The company’s primary aim is improving public safety and modernizing the experience of incarceration. Many of the law enforcement units rely on Securus Technologies in finding secure and powerful tools in technology that are easy to use. Securus is a company that boasts of hundreds of engineers, technologists, and designers who can innovate and comes up with lasting solutions in the technology centers.


The company is also able to connect security personnel to critical information required in prison. The systems created by Securus technologies also major in emergency response and incident management around the correctional facilities. The headquarters of Securus Technologies is in Dallas, United States of America. It has facilitated the management in more than 3400 correctional facilities and more than 1.2 million inmates around the United States. Since the company was founded in 1986, it has experienced significant growth and has managed to have more outlets in Atlanta and Allen. To increase the efficiency of services provided by the company, there is a 24-hour call customer care.


The company also operates with a capacity of 1300 associates around the nation. Securus Technologies can realize a profit of $19 million every year from the products sold. The technology used by the company is also termed as superior when compared to other communication systems around the country. The enterprise has also managed to win its fifteenth prize this year with five courtesy of the Golden Bridge Awards. Many customers around the world have also expressed satisfaction with the services provided by Securus. Many of the prisoners are now able to connect with the outside world and get more knowledge increasing their mental status. The products have also brought self-responsibility among inmates and the staff in general.


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