Lime Crime Releases ‘Scandal’, Bringing ‘Velvetine’ To Bold And Daring Heights

Lime Crime consistently brings its customers an edge: intense, rich, sexy color that helps to bring out the wearer’s inner beast. It promotes self-confidence, smoothness, and luxury in a compact package that’ll bring your expressionism everywhere you go. Leave it in a purse or a clutch with your phone so you can keep up-to-date on Lime Crime’s Instagram account, which has a staggeringly impressive following of over 2.6 million.


Recently, Lime Crime has released Scandal, a unique color for a unique brand and look. It advertises a deep royal purple that will pair like a matching shoe with anyone’s punk, edgy callback-Victorian, or simply dramatic look. As of January 10th, there’s nothing quite like it on the market. It belongs to the line Velvetine, which is a series of liquid-to-matte lipsticks that remain long-lasting and sharp on the skin for a night on the town or just to feel a little more powerful and confident during your average work or school day.


Purple shades aren’t as mass-produced as your average flesh or reddened tones, but Lime Crime brings you not only their recent Scandal, but also Jinx, Fetish, and Raven. It’s a little bit more royalty to add to your palette.


Lime Crime’s products are all certifiably cruelty-free and vegan, including Scandal and the rest of the Velvetine line. Not only are the colors and quality something you can feel good and passionate about, you have the promise that Lime Crime never cheats in their methods to bring their customers incredible products.


Lime Crime will continue to add to the Velvetine line, just as they have been delivering fierce, top-of-the-line looks from 2008 all the way through the booming chaos of 2017. One thing its customers can certainly count on is high quality, boldness, and delivery, so get ready to slip on their brand-new Scandal and eagerly await new additions.

Lime Crime Keeps Things Beautiful

Lime Crime is a cosmetics company that offers vegan and cruelty-free makeup. This cosmetics company was started by Doe Deere, Doe Deere is a person who has always had an affinity towards color and beauty. Doe Deere was raised in Russia, but later she and her family moved to the United States. Doe Deere explored many different interests when she was young. She sang in a rock band, started her own clothing company, and later she went on to start a cosmetics line. Deere did not always have it easy; when she started off her cosmetics line, she barely had money.


When Deere decided to make a cosmetics line, she had an idea: she wanted to be able to create a makeup brand that was vegan and cruelty-free, and she also wanted the makeup to be unique. Deere wanted to create makeup for individuals that wanted their makeup to be more than cosmetics. She wanted people to be able to use their makeup as an expression of themselves. Deere began to experiment with different makeup in order to find ways to make it more pigmented. Deere started making lipsticks and eyeshadows for her cosmetics line. Lime Crime became a success, and Doe Deere continues to pop out amazing colors.


The Velvetines line is a very popular line of Matt liquid lipsticks. The reason why the Velvetines are so popular is because they are in amazing colors. Deere likes to use unconventional colors for lipsticks. She is known for having lipsticks that are bright green, yellow, blue, and gold. Deere also has very popular eyeshadows. One of Lime Crime’s most popular eye pallet is the Venus eye pallet.


Deere wanted her cosmetics line to be a makeup line that allowed individuals to express themselves in a way that was unapologetic. Lime Crime has become more than just a cosmetics brand, it has become a movement. Deere has been able to acquire a base of fans that she calls unicorns. She calls her fans unicorns because they are individuals that want to be able to express themselves in whatever way that they see fit. Deere encourages young men and women to find their true selves and to always follow their daydreams.

Honey Birdette’s Plans To Open More Retails In The United States

Honey Birdette is a lingerie firm that rapidly spread its wings after budding to become an international line with unique high end items. The Australian based company recently launched an online United States shopping portal and revealed its plans to set up three regional physical stores in the country by the end of 2018. Honey Birdette is the creation of Eloise Monaghan ad her co-partners who teamed up in 2006.

Eloise stated that the motive behind starting a United States online shop was based on factual information which indicated that the firm had a 374 percent sales rate in the nation alone. Eloise added that the shop will be an easy way for their clients to experience a smooth shopping experience. Honey Birdette will make free deliveries to any order that exceeds $50, process returns more easily than before and introduce a broad range of items for the US clientele.

Honey Birdette’s administration will accelerate their growth in the United Kingdom by opening retail stores. The first opening was at London’s Covent Garden and then additional ones in Westfield White City and Leeds Victoria Gate. The firm has a list of ten prospective new locations to open new stores, including Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds and Westfield Stratford. The end of 2018 will see the successful operation of at least 40 retails in the UK alone. Honey Birdette has 55 stores in Australia and is looking to start premium ones in new areas in the continent.

Honey Birdette has a wide range of products that majorly cater to the lifestyle of women. They have lingerie, handbags and shoes that match the modern woman’s pocket and taste. Other products that are rarely mentioned include adult toys which attract a secretive lot of buyers who enjoy Honey Birdette’s exclusiveness and sales’ efficiency. Eloise commented that Honey Birdette has the aim to serve customers with high end quality at modern buildings that project comfort and class.

Lori Senecal: Leader of Industry

Much of the corporate world is led by complex numbers and statistics that only trained professionals care to understand. Usually, when the corporate industry announces something, it’s explained to everyone by someone who’s trained to be an interpreter. The one thing that doesn’t need interpretation is the number of women beginning to lead corporations.

One of those leading women is Lori Senecal. Lori Senecal is currently the Global CEO of CP+B. CP+B created that position especially for Lori, and she’s taken to it quite well. She’s in charge of the company’s global growth. She also manages all of the firm’s international offices.

Shortly after joining the company in 2015, Lori began making an impressive impact. Very quickly, she got the attention of her bosses, who then began promoting her up the ranks. CP+B is now one of the most modern global ad agencies in the world with a local market flair.

Lori Senecal is renowned for her leadership skills. It was her efforts and talent that grew CP+B to its current global presence. Without Lori’s strong focus, the agency’s development wouldn’t have grown in the manner it did. It’s because of accomplishments like that that Lori Senecal was listed as one of the “Agency Executives to Watch”.

Within a year of joining CP+B, Lori brought the company some very high-profile clients, including American Airlines, Hershey, and Pay Pal accounts. She also won the Titanium Grand Prix for a Dominos-related ad she submitted at The Cannes Lions Festival. Check out Adweek to know more.

It’s hard to imagine the ad industry with Lori Senecal. She’s done so much, not only for CP+B but the industry. Although, CP+B does owe Lori for much of its current success; because of her innovative leadership, CP+B continues to satisfy its clients beyond belief.

According to NY Times, Lori Senecal’s career may have gotten a lot of attention working for CP+B, but it didn’t start there. Before joining CP+B, Lori was Global Chairman and CEO for KBS. Before that, she worked at the office of McCann Erickson.

James Larkin: From a Docker to Trade Union Leader

Fondly known as Big Jim, James Larkin was an Irish unionist who carved out a name for himself within the trade union movements not only in his home country of Ireland; he was a well-known trade unionist in the United States after settling in the country in 1914. Born in Liverpool slums on 21st January 1876, Mr. Larkin started working as a manual labourer at the docks in Liverpool from a young age.

At the time, dock workers were poorly paid even though they had tasking duties and worked in very poor conditions. His experience at the docks in Liverpool ignited a strong passion in him that he pursued throughout his lifetime: better and fairer working conditions for employees especially at the docks.

Towards a Socialist Working Environment

Dissatisfied with the working conditions at the docks and spurred on by strong socialism mindset, James Larkin became a member of the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL) to further push for better working conditions for his colleagues nationally.

He had a strong passion and conviction for the cause, which saw rise through the ranks of the organization to become a full-time trade unionist. His longstanding association with Ireland started in 1905 when he became a full-time trade unionist.

However, he moved to the country in 1907 after the head office transferred him to Dublin following dissatisfaction with his organization of strikes to force employers to yield to their demands. Read more: Jim Larkin – Biography

While in Dublin, James Larkin broadened the scope of trade union movement by looking at the big picture. In order to accommodate and champion for the interests and welfare of all Irish workers, he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU).

Through ITGWU, James Larkin demanded for fair payment and working conditions especially for unskilled labourers. Through several strikes, the government finally yielded to some of his demands. Much of these progresses were made in partnership with James Connolly with whom he founded the Irish Labour Party.

Following his lecture tour of the United States in 1914, he joined the labour movement in the country but was later deported on charges of being a communist. His final gift to the Irish workers before his death in 1947 was the founding of Workers’ Union of Ireland (WUI) in 1924.

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Lime Crime grows Into A Brand

In the world of business, there are few products that capture the imagination of the public and fulfill a growing need expressed by the general public. Products that fulfill needs and excite the buying public over time can grow in size and influence to become brands. The task of designing and structuring a product to grow into a successful brand in today’s corporate business environment is almost impossible. Consider the heavyweights of the hierarchy of brands; companies like Coca-Cola, MacDonalds, Ford, IBM, Apple, Nike, Wilson. All are entrenched in business and their iconic brands will survive for centuries. To create a brand from thin air is next to impossible. But one such success story was designed and headed by a remarkable transplant from Russia whose radical ideas about style helped to influence a changing trend in women’s fashion. Doe Deere brought Lime Crime to life on the internet, sold her first products on eBay and has engineered it to grow into a vibrant company, a brand.

Lime Crime has captured the hip counter-cultural style in women’s fashion. Today makeup is more glamorous in intent and evident by choices of strong colors and combinations. While the previous style had been understatement using treatments for the lips and eyes subtlely, now we live in a world full of personal overstatement. Some people want to stand out from the crowds and state that they are different and deserve attention. For this segment of the population and for women and girls who want to make a statement or just to try something bold and different, the palette of Lime Crime cosmetics answers their desires.

Doe Deere and her company have created a true brand in a very short period of time. It is a remarkable business achievement and is largely due to the efforts of this remarkable woman who has worn all the stylish hats of her business from the beginning. The company has captured the mood of modern young women and anyone who wishes to make a strong personal statement.

How Dynamic duo Adam & Don made it easier to shop through their innovations

When Adam Goldenberg first met Don Ressler, a person who would later be his business partner, both had sold their businesses to Intermix Media. While Adam was using his venture to source capital for other firms, Don was using his to advertise for Gaming companies.

Their collaboration led to the rise of various successful brands where they concentrated on implementing customers’ wants, fashion as opportunity and technology as a tool. Adam is reported to have dropped out of school at a young age, 15, to pursue his businesses and later joined Intermix Media, where he and Don had sold their businesses as chief operations officer (COO) and VP.

Solid foundation for success

Don’s experience in his previous business where he helped companies selling clothes gave him the inspiration to pursue fashion as his primary niche market. The two joined forces and formed a comprehensive online business that helped consumers of beauty and fashion products to access cheap and customized products. The company solved the biggest problem of facing difficulty when looking for latest fashion products that fit customer’s preferences. This led to the birth of JustFab and TechStyle which went ahead and became super successful.

After this venture, Adam and Don formed Fabletics, an online company that deals mostly with cheap and high-quality athletic clothes and other items. The company was established to solve the need for personalized style products, where they achieved it through the collection of customers’ information and preferences.

Solving problems using technology

Fabletics is a membership site that uses promotional offers to attract members and exclusive discounts one inside. Members also receive suggestions of clothing as per their preferences, this makes them feel more involved and part of the company. Fabletics deals in sleek moving leggings, bras, shirts and other items used mainly for athletics.

The company also enrolled help of co-founder Kate Hudson who is also an actress in marketing the athletics apparel. Through Kate’s help, the company had a mission of helping women embrace healthy living that culminates to having high personal self-esteem and accepting that each one of them has a unique beauty.

Fabletics emulated TechStyle values of designing clothing to reflect that the company accepts everyone as they are, whether oversize or slim. Due to this fact, Fabletics demand grew to have more than 1 million VIP members. The drastic growth made Adam and Don open physical shops all over the country, where they incorporated technology into helping customers shop easily and efficiently. Once a customer enters the store, he/she is automatically scanned and given shopping recommendations

A helping hand for Hispanic community to fight against racial discrimination

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is a joint effort by Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin who founded Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media together. It was created to help people migrating from Latin America, residing in the United States.

The main reason behind the foundation of this organization is the incident that happened to Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin. They both were journalists living in Phoenix, Arizona who used to write and report about crimes occurring in Arizona. They were arrested from their homes one night by the sheriff of Arizona named Joe Arpaio.

He was considered as one of the toughest sheriffs of America who used to incarcerate a large number of immigrants residing illegally in Arizona. He was acknowledged by the people of Arizona as a patriotic police officer, but the truth was quite the opposite. The immigrants were not living illegally rather; it was a misconception created by Arpaio himself. He had quite a powerful influence on the people of Arizona.

But Lacey and Larkin were two courageous reporters who wanted to unravel the wrongdoings of Arpaio. So, they investigated and reported the barbarities between Hispanic community and Arpaio. They published an article in the newspaper featuring Arpaio’s misdeeds focusing on his patriarchal role, political dominance and abuse of power in Arizona.

Arpaio, who was considered very powerful couldn’t take this blow. He gave orders for the separate arrest of Lacey and Larkin. Both of them were taken into police’s custody from their homes early in the morning completely unaware of the reasons behind their arrest. They were even locked up in separate prisons and were mistreated. The right of hiring an attorney was also taken away. They were not even allowed to talk to their families.

After two days, they appeared before Arpaio. Then, they came to know that Arpaio was the reason behind their arrest. Moreover, the prisons in which they kept were also run under Arpaio’s authority.

Arpaio released them when he couldn’t build a strong and compelling case against their arrest. Lacey and Larkin then decided to take action against Arpaio. They sent a lawsuit against him for his crimes. This news spread all across the country, and people supported them for their bold step.

Lacey and Larkin eventually won the case when the court came to know that both of them were innocent. A settlement of $3.7 million was paid to them in 2013.

With the help of this money, they decided to establish the Frontera Fund whose main aim was to benefit the Hispanic community, especially Mexicans that faced racial discrimination and violation of civil rights in Arizona as both of them, were strong supporters of migrants.

Lacey and Larkin benefitted a lot of people with the help of this fund. This fund also helped those who were unable to pay for their legal proceedings. This foundation also started benefitting other nonprofit organizations who worked for the same cause.

The Future of Cloud Computing: NuoDB’s transitional database

As a technician you know that traditional databases can only do so much. SQL oriented databases can do more but NuoDB has come up with transitional databases that work well with the cloud. With any application it is important that there is a solid platform behind it. NuoDB provides that solid platform. The difference is that NuoDB has a scalable and highly flexible platform that works seamlessly with cloud applications.

All the important components of a secure transaction are there with NuoDB but with one difference. NuoDB uses a layered approach in regards to its databases. What this means is that instead of the traditional one level structure NuoDB uses a three tier structure with administrative and storage tiers in separate areas. This allows the freedom of applications to connect without the means of a disk drive. By dividing the data streams into separate tiers while still maintaining secure access to the database, NuoDB has made it easier for users to make connections and maintain their constantly evolving data streams.

The elasticity of the cloud database is maintained through NuoDB’s transitional database without compromising sensitive information. It is important to note as more companies move data into the cloud the more transitional databases will be needed.

Talos Energy Oil Exploration in the Mexican Gulf Coast.

Mexico has a new private oil well. It’s been well over eighty years since Mexico established a private oil well in Mexican waters. With the collaboration between Talos Energy and Sierra Oil and Gas of Mexico; Mexico finally allowed foreign investors back into the Gulf of Mexico.  The well drilling started on May 17, 2017, through a joint venture between Talos Energy, Sierra Oil and Gas of New Mexico, and Premier Oil Pic of London, England. This is considered the first private drilling expedition that is not part of the state run Petroleos Mexicanos.

Located on the Mexican Gulf Coast, the Sureste basin contains an amount of crude oil estimated between 150 million and 600 million MMbbl of crude oil. The cost to drill for the oil is expected to exceed sixteen million dollars. Experts anticipate it will take over four months to complete the drilling expedition. The three companies involved in the expedition, won the right to participate in the exploration process. This occurred after Mexico decided to open its’ declining oil industry to private investors. Due to its location and vast oil reserves, geological experts believe this joint venture will be extremely successful.

Talos Energy is a major contributor to the drilling expedition. The company’s business line includes exploration and drilling for oil and natural gas. Located in Houston, Texas, Talos Energy, LLC is an essential part of the local economy. Their drilling expeditions are located primarily in the gulf coast area.

Using the latest in three-dimensional seismic data, allows Talos Energy to strategically plan their drilling activities for natural gas and crude oil. Using advanced technology and the expertise of their managers and engineers; allows them to safely drill for oil and natural gas while preserving the environment. The employees have a vested interest in the success of Talos Energy; as they are all life long residents of the gulf coast area.