Leader Of The PAC

James Bopp is a lawyer who believes that those who donate to political campaigns and causes should not be so heavily burdened by arcane campaign finance laws. He started his mission back in 2008, when he argued before a court that the movie “Hillary; The Movie” should have the legal right to air during the campaign season. At that time, the judges disagreed and threw his case out of court.

Fast forward to two years later and the United States Supreme Court actually reversed the original decision and started upholding and adopting some of his arguments about campaign finance law. This is when the Supreme Court rules that corporations qualify as people and have equal protection under the First Amendment. His group is called Citizens United and they achieved their goal of dismantling laws against giant corporations having unfair leverage during the nation’s elections.

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Now, however, there is a new PAC in town that is raising money to counter those efforts and so far, they are doing very well towards that end. The group is called End Citizens United and they are seeking to upend Bopp’s political machine. The PAC is grassroots in nature, meaning they are completely volunteer driven. In fact, their average donation amount is only $12. However, they have raised $4 million during the first quarter of this year. They have projections of being able to raise a minimum of $35 million over the course of the entire year.

Most of the donations come from average citizens, people who are outraged about the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election and feel that the system is weighed heavily in favor of those who can write the biggest checks. By banding together and making each small donation count, they seek to have a balance of power in the political spectrum. A balance where even the “littlest” of citizens has just as big a say as a huge corporation or as a donor with the deepest of pockets. With all of this money being raised to counter the efforts of conservatives in the 2018 mid-terms, there is no telling what will happen. Only one thing is for certain, the PAC End Citizens United will be a major player for years to come.

 Adam Milstein Active Contribution to the Jewish Community

If you have ever heard about Hager Pacific Properties, there are high chances that you have come across the name Adam Milstein. Adam is a managing partner in the company. The company has properties amassing to more than $2 billion. These properties are distributed throughout the country, something that has made Adam Milstein a significant name in the real estate world.

Philanthropic Contributions

Adam’s contribution spreads beyond the real estate industry. He is also known for his philanthropic deeds and contributions in the Jewish community. Together with his wife, they play a great role in the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. This charitable organization is involved in mentoring students with a Jewish background from around the world. The foundation takes a further step of helping these students understand their Jewish background and create a stronger connection with Israel.

Through the efforts of the foundation, with the help from Adam Milstein, hundreds of young people with a Jewish background have managed to learn about their heritage. Adam’s efforts have not gone unrecognized as in the recent past he was added to the list of the top philanthropists and social entrepreneurs.

Advocate of the Jewish Community

One of many other traits that Adam Milstein is known for is his effort to ensure that the Jewish community is treated fairly. This desire led to him founding the Israel-American Council, which helps in improving the relationship between Israel and America. He uses the council as a platform to see that the foreign policy protecting the Jewish community and the Israel people is observed. He has a firsthand understanding of the plight of the marginalized communities since his wife is a Moroccan immigrant to the US. This understanding makes him very vocal when it comes to protecting the rights of such people.

Adam Milstein is also a writer and contributes to several prominent forums and publications. In all his works, he encourages the Jewish community to embrace their heritage by learning how to write and read in Hebrew. He has also played a great role in helping Jews learn Hebrew through sharing necessary resources. Unlike other philanthropists who give back to the community by merely writing checks or sitting on the boards of charity organizations, Adam Milstein engages directly in all charitable works he contributes to.

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Logan Stout, The CEO Of IDLife Has An Undying Passion For Sports

Logan Stout has established his name in different sectors such as business, public speaking, and publishing. Logan is very committed in his entrepreneurial endeavors. The seasoned business leader has been through the highs and lows of business. He has devoted his career to nurturing others who also want to reach the very heights of entrepreneurship like him.

According to Logan Stout on crunchbase.com, The right mindset can enable one succeed in business. Logan Stout uses the experience he has gathered over the years to help nurture modern day entrepreneurs who will take after him.

For one to succeed in the corporate world, they have to possess outstanding leadership skills. Logan Stout has is keen on imparting leadership schools to the younger generation so that they can grow and become better than him. In his businesses, Mr. Logan Stout always strives to forge lasting relationships with his partners. John C. Maxwell who’s one of Logan Stout’s trusted partners shares the same vision as Logan. The two have been able to succeed because they have built a support system between each other.

One of the most notable accomplishments of Logan Stout in the corporate world is a company called IDLife that he has been able to grow into a household name. The company delivers quality nutritional supplements that are rich in vitamins and are organic. Through the partnership between IDLife and Garmin Vivo according to garmin.com, customers are now able to purchase a fitness tracker that will enable them to know their progress in individual fitness journeys. The app incorporates the latest technology in calculating food portions and their calorific energy equivalent.

Before Logan Stout made so much progress in the business and fitness sectors, he had already excelled as a baseball coach. During his high school and college days, Logan Stout discovered that he was better at making others become excellent players than he was at playing. Despite the fact that he achieved the status of MVP while in college, Logan Stout decided to become a coach.

Logan hails from the Richardson neighborhood in Texas, and he attended J.J. Pearce High School. At this institution, Logan was elected to the Student Council having demonstrated excellent leadership traits.

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Securus Endeavor in Correctional Services Communication Systems

Securus Technologies is a company that majors in the provision of a leading edge in civil and criminal justice solutions. The company’s primary aim is improving public safety and modernizing the experience of incarceration. Many of the law enforcement units rely on Securus Technologies in finding secure and powerful tools in technology that are easy to use. Securus is a company that boasts of hundreds of engineers, technologists, and designers who can innovate and comes up with lasting solutions in the technology centers.


The company is also able to connect security personnel to critical information required in prison. The systems created by Securus technologies also major in emergency response and incident management around the correctional facilities. The headquarters of Securus Technologies is in Dallas, United States of America. It has facilitated the management in more than 3400 correctional facilities and more than 1.2 million inmates around the United States. Since the company was founded in 1986, it has experienced significant growth and has managed to have more outlets in Atlanta and Allen. To increase the efficiency of services provided by the company, there is a 24-hour call customer care.


The company also operates with a capacity of 1300 associates around the nation. Securus Technologies can realize a profit of $19 million every year from the products sold. The technology used by the company is also termed as superior when compared to other communication systems around the country. The enterprise has also managed to win its fifteenth prize this year with five courtesy of the Golden Bridge Awards. Many customers around the world have also expressed satisfaction with the services provided by Securus. Many of the prisoners are now able to connect with the outside world and get more knowledge increasing their mental status. The products have also brought self-responsibility among inmates and the staff in general.


How a Market America Unfranchise is Better than a Standard Franchise

Anyone interested in becoming more financially independent might want to take a look at a Market America Unfranchise opportunity. This company offers business opportunities that in some ways are similar to owning a franchise, while in other ways are very different. The similarities found in a Market America Unfranchise include the tools and training needed to successfully market, manage and profit from an independently owned business venture. Market America also provides their partners with a proven business model designed to get them on the path to success in a short amount of time.

The differences between a Market America Unfranchise and a standard franchise opportunity benefit investors in many important ways. People who choose to invest in a Market America Unfranchise are never charged fees for operating their franchise. This helps make the cost of starting a new business more affordable. The company also allows for unlimited growth potential by not placing any territorial restrictions on their partners. They also have all of the products available for sale already in place and ready to go.

People who choose to invest in a Market America Unfranchise have the ability to offer products that fit the needs of the general public. Products such as the various blends of Marley Coffee, have been certified as organic by the USDA. Made using Arabica beans that have been slow roasted and smoked, these products have also been certified with the Rainforest Alliance so shoppers can feel good about preserving the planet’s ecosystems when purchasing these coffees.

George Soros: Billionaire with a Passion for Mankind

George Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. He later fled his country at the height of the Second World War and went to England where he put himself through school. He attended London School of Economics while working as a waiter and railway porter before getting his entry into finance as a merchant banker. Soros moved to New York later on where he ventured into Wall Street and started his own hedge fund in 1969 with $12 million. His hedge was later on renamed The Quantum Fund. George Soros was referred to as “the man who broke the Bank of England” when in 1992, together with Stan Druckenmiller, they shorted the British pound and made enormous profits. He remains an investment heavyweight through Soros Fund Management, his family empire worth $30 billion decades later. George Soros hired Dawn Fitzpatrick to be the chief investment officer of his Soros Fund Management in 2017. Ms. Fitzpatrick is one of Wall Street’s most sought after prominent women.

For over 30 years, George Soros has been a vocal and prominent supporter of democratic causes and ideals internationally. Open Society Foundation is his philanthropic organization that supports human rights and promotes democratic ideals in over 100 countries. Through Open Society Foundation, George Soros started by supporting scholarships of black students of the University of Cape Town in South Africa in 1979 during the apartheid period. He was a firm supporter of an end to authoritarian governments the world over. He also supported scholarships of Eastern European dissidents to study abroad. Through his many philanthropic initiatives, Soros has given up to $12 billion to date. He has been passionate about organizations and individuals seeking to make a change in the world. His foundation has supported such causes as a fight for freedom of expression, equality, and justice in the society and accountability of governments.

Apart from his own foundation, George Soros has supported other independent organizations such as International Crisis Group, The Institute for New Economic Thinking and The European Council on Foreign Relations. He has supported lawyers and paralegals that represent people that are unlawfully detained and also underwrote history’s largest effort of integrating Europe’s Roma. Soros was one of the prominent voices that criticized the war on drugs at the beginning of the century. His argument was that the fight was more harmful than the drug problem, and he helped kick-start the movement for medical marijuana. He has also been very straight forward in his support for recognition of same-sex marriages across the globe. His idea of an open society the world over has been his driving force. George Soros has admitted over time that the problems he seeks to solve are the problems that might never be completely solved.

Kevin Seawright – A Renowned Finance Guru

Kevin Seawright is an expert in the operations of financial and administrative sectors. He worked at the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation as the Vice President and is currently the COO at Real Property Solutions.

At Newark, he increased the returns of the company by 25% and also managed to retain the company’s employees through improved efficiency.

He has advanced knowledge in economic strategies through his vast experience that he has gained through his career. He is well known for his ability to reorganize company strategies all over New Jersey and this played a big part in getting his position at Newark Economic Development Corporation. He has experience in diverse management of capital, operations, and accounting which he also applies to his current position.

His experience in the Finance industry is astonishing. In the East Coast, According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has used his vast knowledge in finance to better the society. He designed a system for accounting that ended up saving the Commission on Aging and Retirement in Baltimore 100 thousand dollars.

During this time he was the Managing Fiscal Officer at the Commission. He gained recognition through his development of this system and was hired as a Payroll Director of the Baltimore’s Housing Authority.

He later became the Finance Director in the Department of Housing and Community Development, the Homeless Services division specifically. After this, he worked at the Department of Recreation and Parks as CFO. All these financial positions he held earned him a six-year job as the Deputy COO in the education sector. Read more: Kevin Seawright & RPS Solutions LLC Fill Baltimore’s Belvedere Square with First Time Homebuyers and Newark economic development group names CFO

Here, he managed a project worth 600 million dollars for renovating city schools in Baltimore. In 2015, Kevin founded Real Property Solutions, RPS Solutions LLC with the aim of providing affordable housing in Baltimore.

Furthermore, Kevin gained skills in the development of small business and the real estate world during his time at Tito Contractors. He used this experience at Newark to assist build the economy through the expansion of small business.

This created jobs and bettered the lives of Newark citizens. Newark offers grants for façade improvement, loans for developing in the real estate industry, counseling for entrepreneurs and tax credits among others. Kevin has been featured in New Jersey Business Journal, MarketWatch and Market Wired among others.

Beneful Continues to Rise with A Range of Natural Ingredients

Over the course of the 21st-century, pet parents across the planet have been turning away from the pet foods created in a mass produced and processed fashion by some of the largest pet foods manufacturers in the world. Instead, the majority of pet parents are now seeking to find healthy foods for their family members who are often seen as just as important as their human counterparts; finding the highest quality pet foods have become a major part of the needs for the majority of pet parents who are turning to smaller manufacturers in droves.

A high-quality option for many pet parents to take is to sample the natural foods created by Purina’s Beneful brand. Beneful was launched with the unique name translated into English as “full of goodness”, a meaning that can be seen in the love and care taken to make sure each and every product produced has its basis in the dedication of the workers producing Beneful commercial on a daily basis. Beneful has always looked to place pets at the heart of the work being completed by the brand including the advertising materials produced, which have been created to attract dogs themselves to TV spots and billboard adverts.

Natural products have proven a success for the Purina brand as their Beneful line of products is now the fourth best selling in the world with annual revenues reaching more than $1.5 billion. Keeping dogs across the U.S. as happy and healthy as possible is a major motivation for the Beneful dog food brand as the company has even created a “Dream Dog Park Contest” that rewards one park each year with a $500,000 renovation for local dogs to enjoy.

ClassDojo- The Future of Education in Classrooms

Education and technology have never been more integrated than in today’s society. This has led to both positives and negatives within students’ lives, but now a new positive has emerged in the form of an app called “ClassDojo”. ClassDojo is an application that allows students, teachers, and parents to be more connected than ever before. It allows for the sharing of pictures, videos, and messages in order to effectively communicate classroom goals as well as activities that parents might not otherwise be able to experience. An example might be watching a video recorded by a teacher of your child playing at recess, or a child sharing an art project that they otherwise would not be able to take home. Most of these things would be shared through “stories” that would be continuously updated during the day for everyone to see. Through this type of communication, students are able to work with both their parents and teachers to effectively create a unique, digital classroom experience that is comfortable and rewarding. At the same time, teachers and parents can then monitor and interact with the classroom experience to ensure that students are learning important skills efficiently and effectively. They may also communicate directly through messages to discuss the students’ classroom goals, expectations, and experiences. By establishing this “triad of learning“, if you will, ClassDojo has gone beyond normal measures of classroom evaluation and given teachers the ability to digitally interact with students by giving them rewards or punishments for good or bad behavior, all under the eyes of their parents, such as extra or less homework for being persistent or paying attention in class. ClassDojo has already had an impact on countless students around the country and will certainly continue to do so.

David Giertz Believes Retirees Must Be Educated Regarding Social Security Retirement

Since the time David Giertz spent leading one of the largest of the country’s insurance providers his skill as a financial advisor has only increased. One of his biggest current concerns is the failure of so many financial advisers to discuss the aspects of social security retirement with their clients. He strongly believes this is not only detrimental to the clients but to the financial advisers as well.


Most retirees do not fully understand social security due to the complex nature and want a financial advisor who will educate them on the subject. They have admitted they will go so far as to switch their advisor if their concerns are not satisfactorily met. The sad fact is even though there is a handbook explaining social security readily available many financial advisors do not broach the subject. This may be due to the numerous rules and regulations or the complexity of the subject but David Giertz believes this has become a critical issue. An excellent example is the large amount of money that will be forfeited if social security is taken too soon.


David Giertz has spent thirty years in financial services and his advice is accurate and precise. He is familiar with the strategies used to achieve growth and profits and is an expert in their execution. His track record is impressive and gives him the unique qualifications necessary to offer advice regarding the social security retirement system. David Giertz is currently employed by Nationwide Investment Services as a financial advisor and has passed four exams in the field.


David Giertz earned the credentials to become a registered broker with FINRA and is working for one of the larger brokerage firms. Brokers are qualified in the purchasing and selling of securities including mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. He has the ability to perform transactions for his clients involving securities and can additionally use this ability for his own account. http://officialdavidgiertz.com/