Lori Senecal A Shy Success

Lori Senecal has succeeded in her industry because of one secret. Her secret is that she has played to her strengths. She never tried to be someone else or behave in a way that she believed she needed to in order to succeed. She has learned a lot growing up. One of the things she has learned is that she is not someone who is going to be able to gain attention by being loud. As a matter of fact, she was not interested in taking that approach. She has instead decided to look for ways to succeed on her own.

She has taken the time to self actualize. Afterwards, she has developed the resolve to pursue her goals. For one thing, she has learned that she is better off being serious and efficient as a worker. She has taken that principle and applied it to every business that she has pursued. She has held leadership positions in many different companies. When she joined some of the companies, she has brought major changes to the way business was run. For instance, a lot of companies that have focused on the relationship aspect of work has been changed to just getting the work done.

Lori Senecal does have a unique management style. Her style of management makes it easier to get work done. She is a no nonsense type of woman. As many people have seen, her style has brought her companies to higher levels of success. One thing that she has done was take a company that was cooling down in business and keep it hot. She is also the calm person in a chaotic environment. This an admirable trait for a manager to have. Her composure shows a lot of strength in who she is. Therefore, she has a lot of promise in her field.

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