Lime Crime grows Into A Brand

In the world of business, there are few products that capture the imagination of the public and fulfill a growing need expressed by the general public. Products that fulfill needs and excite the buying public over time can grow in size and influence to become brands. The task of designing and structuring a product to grow into a successful brand in today’s corporate business environment is almost impossible. Consider the heavyweights of the hierarchy of brands; companies like Coca-Cola, MacDonalds, Ford, IBM, Apple, Nike, Wilson. All are entrenched in business and their iconic brands will survive for centuries. To create a brand from thin air is next to impossible. But one such success story was designed and headed by a remarkable transplant from Russia whose radical ideas about style helped to influence a changing trend in women’s fashion. Doe Deere brought Lime Crime to life on the internet, sold her first products on eBay and has engineered it to grow into a vibrant company, a brand.

Lime Crime has captured the hip counter-cultural style in women’s fashion. Today makeup is more glamorous in intent and evident by choices of strong colors and combinations. While the previous style had been understatement using treatments for the lips and eyes subtlely, now we live in a world full of personal overstatement. Some people want to stand out from the crowds and state that they are different and deserve attention. For this segment of the population and for women and girls who want to make a statement or just to try something bold and different, the palette of Lime Crime cosmetics answers their desires.

Doe Deere and her company have created a true brand in a very short period of time. It is a remarkable business achievement and is largely due to the efforts of this remarkable woman who has worn all the stylish hats of her business from the beginning. The company has captured the mood of modern young women and anyone who wishes to make a strong personal statement.

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