Lazy People: Our Time Has Come


The glamorous Wengie has a video out that I feel like I’ve waited my whole life to watch: 12 Life Hacks Every Lazy Person Should Know.

Yes, you read that correctly. Our time has come. A beautiful blogger is not only giving the okay, she’s going to teach us how.

The video starts out with Wengie suffering from hunger induced hallucinations. We’ve all been there. She then introduces some delicious choices for quick and easy microwavable meals that she made with a few spare ingredients around the house. This was actually great to watch because she had ideas for different types of hunger: fruit cravings, pizza cravings, vegetable cravings, and so on. It puts a real unique spin of the idea of a lazy dish without having to spend money or order fast food.

The video goes on with some great tips to being lazy at home like pushing all the chips in a bag up to the top so you don’t have to reach down, ironing the collar of your jacket with your flat iron (brilliant), and even Face-Timing your oven. The latter I had never thought about but now it makes perfect sense. Why keep getting up to check on the status of your food in the oven when you can just Face-Time it while you watch Netflix? This girl is a genius.

Wengie continues to put a spin on conventional lazy ideas. She puts her sweater on backwards to fill the hood with popcorn, puts plastic wrap on a plate so she won’t have to wash it after each meal, and even utilizes a sippy cup to enjoy her drinks while laying down. She does all of this while being accompanied by her equally charismatic hallucination that puts all of our lazy day, frizzy-haired selves to shame.

All in all, this was a great video that made me laugh the whole way. Some of her ideas were out of this world and creative while others were just downright practical and easy to pull off. I know I’ll be taking some tips my next lazy day.


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