Jason Hope: Will Humans Be Able to Live For Hundreds of Years?

De Grey is a noted scientist and medical researcher. He has done a lot of research into the anti-aging field, with the help of the philanthropist Jason Hope.

De Grey and his fellow researchers have found that by doing things such as healing and restoring cells in the human body, they are able to reverse and stop the aging process. This is not something that has been done before on such a large scale. Until now, doctors simply told their patients that although they would give them ways to help them cope with their situation and live better lives, they were unable to do anything about their aging process.

SENS Research Institute and De Grey, along with Jason Hope, believe that there may be a way to fix all of this. They think that through new biotech methods an anti-aging cure may be in effect.

One of the interesting observations De Grey has come across during his research is that people often do not want to think of aging as something to be avoided. That sounds pretty funny because after all, nobody wants to admit that they like getting old. Nobody really likes getting old, to be truthful and honest about it. However, many people still are comfortable getting old, at least in the back of their minds, and they do not want to hear about something that will cause them to not get old.

De Grey believes that this is actually caused by a deep fear of getting old. He thinks that because people are so afraid, deep down, of getting old, they will try to cope with their fears by saying that getting old is something that is good and that it is something that will bring them wisdom and respect.

De Grey believes that it is therefore important for the entire generation to work together with the researchers so that they can find a way to get rid of the aging process in humans. Thanks to the donation of five hundred thousand dollars that was made for research in the matter by Jason Hope, De Grey believes that they are nearing a breakthrough that may change the way medicine operates in the modern world with regards to the aging process. He believes that the next generation will live longer lives that will be filled with joy and happiness.

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