Handy Overcomes Hurdles to Become Top Company

Handy is a startup that is one of the most picture-perfect success stories in the industry. The company is worth $500 million and continues to please an incredible number of customers who find the easy-to-book cleaning and maintenance app produced by the company to be a huge help. Investors see Handy as a company with great success potential, which is why they continue to funnel venture capital to its coffers. Upon learning about all the amazing success Handy has experienced, one might think all that success arrived overnight. Such is not the case at all. Handy had to deal with more than a few bumps in the proverbial road.

An article published on Inc. Magazine’s website reveals the company did not have the best freelancers affiliated with it at first. Since the purpose of the Handy.com app is to connect customers with freelance service providers, this was a problem. Handy did its part well, but some extra steps were required in order to make sure the freelancers were the right match for the service. This, in turn, would ensure they would be the right match for the customers.

A few changes with the way the company approved freelancers was instituted. Being approved as a freelancer to offer services via Handy is no longer all that easy. The rejection rate, in fact, is well into the 90+% margin. This may seem a bit harsh, but the high threshold is necessary. The freelancers really do have to be the best in order to please customers. Pleased customers keep Handy in business.

And Handy’s business is doing extremely well. $1 million per week in customer/freelancer bookings is the current figure. The figure is sure to go up in time. Handy is the perfect company with the perfect app for today’s high-tech home services market. For more info, visit https://www.handy.com/cleaning-services/new-york.


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