Glen Wakeman: International Business Guru

Glen Wakeman is a passionate businessman that has built skills and experience in business development. Wakeman has a record as a successful CEO, Business Owner, Board Member Mentor and Financial Services Executive. To start off his career, Glen took a course in Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance where he graduated in 1981. He later joined the University of Chicago to pursue a Master’s degree in Business administration. His education background set a platform for him to work in the field of business administration.

Glen got his first job at GE capital where he worked in different positions. He worked for the company for more than twenty years in positions of increasing obligations. His hard work and diligence in the company led to his appointment as the CEO in GE Money in Latin America. As a CEO, he managed to increase the value of the assets of the company to a value of twelve billion. While he was working as CEO Glen was exposed to different working environments and he got recognition in different states for his diligence. Along the way, Glen mastered the art of business development, management of regional and country operations, and general business management among a few.

After working for GE capital for 21 years and successfully increasing the profits of the company, Glen felt compelled to mentor and advise entrepreneurs on how to develop and manage successful businesses. Glen desire to mentor entrepreneurs led to the development of Nova Four which is a business accelerator. The company mentors entrepreneurs and provides strategic advice and financial support to developing companies. Through Nova Four, Glen is now able to mentor CEOs and Board of Directors on how to develop and sustain improvement in their companies.

Glen has always been passionate about the growth of startup businesses. However, he noticed that many startup businesses were collapsing because they did not have a structure and plan. As a result, Glen founded the LaunchPad Holdings LLC. The company targets entrepreneurs of small startup businesses ( The company provides these businesses with a business plan and structure to ensure that they grow in size and profitability. Glen provides support and advice to clients and professionals all over the world.



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