Felipe Montoro Jens’s Take on Brazil’s Latest Initiative to Improve Sanitation

Brazil is slowly recovering from an economic recession. Corporations and government bodies are doing their best to come up with innovative solutions that can help the country improve its infrastructure. Business leaders want to develop a sustainable economy. The government of Brazil has partnered with BNDES (the Brazilian development bank) to make some concessions. Plans are underway to hire private firms that offer sanitation services. BNDES is expected to start selecting partners who will help with the water projects.


In a recent interview, Trata Brasil’s president, Edison Carlos, discussed the partnership in details. The initiative will enable the government to render quality services to the people of Brazil. Edison believes that the bank should offer improved services and focus on management as well as structuring. Felipe Montoro, who was in the same interview as Mr. Edison, explained how the partnership would solve the issue of waste in the country.


Over the years, Brazilians have struggled with waste problems. They haven’t had the right infrastructure to help them keep their environment clean. According to Felipe, the partnership will offer long-term solutions. He believes that the private sector has enough resources to get the job done. Also, he mentioned that the government should take into account the cost of the operations.


About Felipe Montoro


Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens is an expert in infrastructure development. He has worked in the real estate business for more than 25 years. Additionally, he serves as a board member in different organizations and corporation. Felipe holds interviews with various media companies and discusses subjects relating to business.


The businessman attended the GetĂșlio Vargas Foundation, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree. He went to the U.S. to further his studies after completing his undergraduate studies. Felipe graduated with an M.B.A from a management school called Thunderbird. He is Energipar Captacao’s chief executive office. His leadership has helped the company to achieve a lot in a short span of time.

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