DIY Clothing With School Supplies


In this DIY video, Wengie makes awesome clothing with simple school supplies. She begins by turning a tee into a tank. Grab an old t-shirt that you love and cut off the sleeves. You can stop here or also cut a lower neck. Gather the back of the tank top and tie a loop around the fabric, adding in a super cute bunched back.

Now that you have a top, you’ll need bottoms. Wengie teaches viewers how to make colorful highlighter shorts. Using a pair of denim shorts, she bleaches out the shorts with a sponge. Then she washes the shorts in the washer prior to highlighting. Next, she pours warm water into a bowl and then squeezes the highlighter juice into the water. Then she dabs the highlighter onto the bleached area of the shorts. Allow the shorts to dry in the sun or in the dryer.

Now that you have you a shirt and shorts, you’ll need some shoes so you can go out into the world. So, Wengie teaches viewers how to make Sharpie shoes. Grab a pair of plain white canvas shoes and some colored sharpies. Color in different colors all over the shoes. Follow this by taking some rubbing alcohol and pouring it all over the shoes to blend the colors together. Use a q-tip to rub colors as needed. Complete the galaxy look by spraying white paint on. You can also paint in more defined stars. Lace your shoes up and you’re ready to go!




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