Class Dojo is Helping Parents to have a Good Educational Experience

Education is a very important part of life and society. Any society that does not educate its children will set itself up for failure in the future. Even though education is critical to the success of a nation; many people who are involved within the education process have a hard time dealing with this activity. This is especially true for parents.


Students and teachers are at the heart of the education field. Without these two class of individuals; the education industry would not exist. However, parents are critical to the education field because they are the legal authorities over the lives of their students, according to


Since the vast majority of students in the world are minors; then parents play a critical role with ensuring that their children are being well represented and cared for while they receive their education.  See this also


Parents are usually contacted when their children are not meeting expectations. They also have to ensure that their kids are doing their homework, receiving breakfast and lunch while in school and they have to make sure that their kids are getting to school on time.


The team at Class Dojo realizes this. That is why they have created the Class Dojo app with the ability for parents and teachers to contact each other through their mobile devices. Teachers can use Class Dojo to send text messages, videos and emails about a child’s behavior to their parent.

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They can also use this platform to set up meeting times. Instead of having the parent come out to the school; they can now meet up online and video chat. Class Dojo is a mobile application that helps to make the education experience for parents as well as students.

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