Christopher Burch on Fashion and Technology

Born in 1953 and raised in Pennsylvania, J. Christopher Burch is an entrepreneur and investor residing in Miami. He has been involved in the fashion industry ever since he was an undergraduate at Ithaca College. Together with his brother Robert, they started an investment with a capital of $2,000 buying sweaters at $10 each and selling them at $15 each. He later moved to selling the sweaters to other campuses, and before he realized it, the brand expanded, and he was selling them to retail stores. Over the years the company distributed its products nationally generating about $140 million in sales. Burch also co-chaired another fashion label owned by his wife. The company was known as Tory Burch and was worth an estimated $3.5 billion.


Currently, he is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital which was previously known as J. Christopher Capital LLC. The company was founded to nurture his new brands and manage his investments. It is based in New York. At the moment the company is developing several lifestyles and consumer products brands. The brands include organic foods, retail, technology industries, and apparel, among others. The company not only invest in funds, but also put in interest, creativity, and vision to create value. Burch has also invested in real estate where he partnered with Philippe Stark who is an architect and Alan Faena to create the Faena Hotel+Universe in Buenos Aires. He also purchased a resort close to Bali called the Nihiwatu Resort. Other projects he invested in are telecommunications and Internet IPO for Internet Capital Group.


According to Mr. Chris Burch, as the technology changes so do the fashion. The future of both of them will be determined by what they get from each other regarding uplift. In any case, if a new technology comes up, the people in the fashion industry should take it upon themselves to advertise it through their popularity. On the other hand, the technology can change and improve the fashion trends. For example, with technology, protection attires have been invented. Instead of the helmets used by bikers, airbags that pop out of the neck-wear of cyclists can be used to prevent any impact on the head. Jackets and T-shirts can also be designed from inner bicycle tubes instead of disposing of them after they wear out. Technology and fashion have also evolved from the past. In the 70s things like music and instruments were on another level but they were the best that people could access at the time. With years, the music felt different and more fashionable in its way. With technology, there are more possibilities than you can imagine.

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