Chris Burch Has A Talent For Creating Incredibly Successful Businesses

Technology and fashion have developed hand in hand over the last several decades. It seems as though one reflects the other as trends change and science brings up new breakthroughs for the consumer market. In an article that was published in Engaged by Chris Burch, this development is explored and points out how the two compliment one another and apparently will continue to do so in the future.


One of the examples that were used in the article was the development of the boombox in the 1970s. Not only was the boombox a technical marvel but it was also carried on individuals shoulders as a fashion statement. In the 1990s the Walkman emerged on the scene and was incorporated in everyday fashion trends. Eventually, the iPod was developed and became the perfect blend of fashion and technology. Fashion today can help to propel sales of emerging technology. This can be accomplished by having models on high fashion runways wear or present the new technology. This can tremendously propel sales and create demand for the product.


Not only is Chris Burch a talented writer, but he is the founder of Burch Creative Capital. He also serves as the CEO of the company. He is an extraordinary entrepreneur and has created and cultivated numerous successful companies throughout his career. Over his forty-year career, he has been key in the creation of over fifty businesses including Voss Water, Jawbone, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, and much more.


Chris Burch knows how to creatively invest and make a business highly successful using key strategies that set him apart from other investors. He invests in businesses ranging from organic foods and hospitality to technology and lifestyle products. He has made a far-reaching reputation as a savvy business man and an investor that doesn’t mind taking a chance and doing things his own way. His unconventional methods have netted his immense wealth and have created some of the most successful and fresh companies in the country.


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