Lovaganza: The Modern World’s Fair

Lovaganza is out to change the world. Its goal is to conduct a series of four international-scale world fairs over a period of twenty years. The hope of these celebrations is to expose all people of the world to what all of humanity has in common. Through engaging exhibitions and entertainment we can also learn to appreciate our diverse cultures around the globe. Lovaganza brings a message of love, peace and unity.

The first Lovaganza celebration was originally planned to start in 2015. Because the founders wanted to include up-and-coming technology, they decided to move the date to summer of 2020. There will be four Lovaganza fairs within the span of four decades: Lovaganza 2020 for Unity, Lovaganza 2025 for Peace, Lovaganza 2030 for Abundance and Lovaganza 2040 Beta World. Lovaganza 2040 Beta World is set to be culmination or climax of all of the Lovaganza fairs on Behance.net. The hopes of which will bring unity and peace to all human consciousness.

This latest 3D theater technology on Instagram provides a 180 degree wrap-around screen which projects three dimensional images without glasses! Showcased will be independent films produced by Fer Rouge Creative Company. Entertainment will also include a lineup of shows, exhibitions and wondrous events. Watch for Lovaganza pre-events.

The Lovaganza Convoy is a movie trilogy produced by Fer Rouge Creative Company. These productions are filmed in diverse locations around the world including France, the United States and Spain. More filming will take place in India, Africa and various locations around the globe.

Imagine a world where there is no need. Mother Earth provides abundantly for all. Envision a place where all distinct cultures are understood and respected universally. These statements are inspired by the vision of Lovaganza. There is a hope that by educating, inspiring and touching every human being on this planet; a change for a better future can be made. The power to create a wonderful age is in the hearts and minds of all of us. Hope is as simple as holding another’s hand.