Malini Saba: A Smart Investor with Integrity and Principle

Malini Saba currently ranks as one of the most successful business women of all time. She traces her roots to South-East Asia. Today, she’s a role model to many people all across the globe. Her first years were full of challenges and hurdles. Malini proved to be a fighter from the word-go. She fended off opposition from corrupt workmates and business partners who were more interested in advancing their selfish interests than they were concerned with the stakeholder’s interests. Standing her ground bought her a lot of enemies.


The corrupt individuals tarnished and soiled her reputation. Malini was, however, able to undo the harm and damage done to her reputation. Even though it caused her a lot of money, time and other resources, it was worth every single cent in the process. She now owns investments dealing with agriculture, energy and in real estate.


She owns Stree.  It helps them by giving them capital to set up small businesses to support their families. Stree got launched with the aid and support of the Bill Clinton Foundation. The Queen of Jordan was also in attendance at the launch event.


Understanding Risks & Making Informed Decisions


The sheer brilliance of Malini started showing way back in the 90’s. In particular, she took a gamble with various software firms in Silicon Valley. She dared to put money into tech stocks at a time when very few people dared to venture here. Her bet paid off as she walked away with millions of dollars in profit from her shares. She held shares in Paypal, Netscreen Technologies, and Sycamore Networks. Her careful assessment of risks and her well-thought-out strategies have been instrumental in her exceptional success over the years.


Malini Saba as a Person


Malini Saba has made quite a vast fortune for herself. It’s quite surprising the way she has remained humble and modest despite everything. She has excellent people skills. She is heavily invested and genuinely interested in the welfare of her workers. That is very motivating and inspiring, and the workers tend to perform better, moving forward. Saba is a mother. She always takes care of the daughter, herself. Hiring nannies is completely out of the question for the visionary entrepreneur.


Helping Tsunami Survivors


Malini’s goodwill is unquestionable. So far she has supported numerous noble causes all across the world. Causes like the Heart Research Center for South Asians at El Camino Hospital in California. She gave them $1 million. She also gave $10 million to Tsunami victims in India and Sri Lanka.