Whitney Wolfe Herd is the Dating App Game Changer

Whitney Wolfe Herd knows a lot about dating apps, and she also knows a lot about business. She is combining her love for business and networking along with her passion about the dating app world. All of this is still done through Bumble. This is a company that has been created by Whitney Wolfe Herd to meet an array of social media needs. It has become an exciting app because it is created for a new millennial generation by a millennial.

It may be easier for Whitney Wolfe Herd to adjust to what the young crowd likes because she is a young woman herself. She knows what it takes to connect with young women that are single and hard-working. She realizes that this generation of women that are in the corporate world do not always have time to meet someone in a club. She realizes that many of them do not even go on outings like this. They are heavily engaged in app technology and they are utilizing their phones to do everything from create errand lists to finding good restaurant reviews or dates.

Whitney realizes that this new generation is going to be much more accepting of apps, but they are not all that fun of the old school concept of dating online. In the past it was the man that was making the first move. This was something that so many people are not accustomed to in this day and age. Women like to be able to make the first move, and Bumble is just the app that allows people to do this. In fact, there is no move made until the woman makes the first move.

This is definitely a big change in app technology for dating, but women have been waiting for this. Many of these young independent women that try this dating app are pleased that they can cut down on all of the stalkers and men that harass them even when they are not interested. Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted to be the one to cut down on this, and she has done a great job by creating an environment where users must build up profile account with Bumble by first having a Facebook account. These users must also have at least 75 friends on Facebook. This is going to be one of the best possible ways to add a level of extra security and cut down on spam and more