Ryan Seacrest Foundation

Ryan Seacrest is an American radio personality, television host, and he is also a producer.He has been a part of the industry for a long time now and therefore, has the necessary knowledge and experience that make him so successful. Ryan Seacrest has a foundation called the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. This foundation is a non profit and it has a mission. Ryan Seacrest Foundation’s mission is to open doors to the youth by inspiring them to learn more about the entertainment and the education industry.

This foundation goes to hospitals and allows the patients to be able to be inspired by anything they want to be some day. There are no limits or boundaries. This foundation encourages and motivates young children and adults to work hard through out their life and to keep on fighting for their life. For many patients, this is the push of motivation that they need to keep on moving forward with their life. It is not easy to figure out what inspires you when you are only a child or a young adult, and it becomes harder to figure this out when you are stuck laying down on a hospital bed fighting for your life. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation allows patients to leave their relativity for a little bit and to focus on their future. They stimulate adventures and journeys so that the patients can experience optimistic thoughts.

Ryan Seacrest and his amazing team did a great job at being able to provide the patients with first hand experience in broadcasting, programming and operating a multimedia center. This is a way for them to become inspired and to look forward for something in their future. This cause goes deeper than only helping a child decide what they want to be when they grow up, it motivates them to fight for their life. Ryan Seacrest, the tv and radio show host and producer, has done an amazing job in helping out the youth that need it the most.

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A Glimpse into the Life of Clay Hutson: Music Producer and Tour Manager

Clayton Hutson is a notable personality in the music production and entertainment industry. Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. Clay Hutson expressed interest in music from an early age and has pursued his dream ever since.


The music producer studied at Central Michigan University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theater design and technical production. Later on, he advanced his studies at Stephen M. Ross School of Business where he earned a master’s degree in business administration.


During the outset of his career, Clay worked for various entertainment companies, either as a sound engineer or project manager. Some of the celebrated people Clay Huston worked with was Billy Graham’s sound team. He also worked as Getagrip Touring production manager since 1999, and as the vice-president for Ronin Event Creative. Clay managed production for Jennifer Nettles and Prince, and stage managed for Kanye West. He also worked with big stars like Garbage, Guns N’ Roses, Pink and Kid Rock.


Despite his success in corporate entertainment, Clay Hutson decided to start his own business, focusing on his old-time passion, rock ’n’ roll. Currently, Clay concentrates on production, design, and management of live tours.


Earlier experiences in the corporate entertainment offered him ample experience in various areas of the industry, including live performances and management.

Current Projects


Currently, Clayton Hutson is managing the tour “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” by the singer Halsey. The artist is scheduled to tour and perform in various amphitheaters and arenas across the globe. She will make stops in major cities like London, Las Vegas, Buenos Aires, Indianapolis, Montreal, Jakarta and Singapore among others.

The female singers Lauren Jauregui, Niki and Jessie Reyez, and Kehlani will be joining Halsey at various stops in the worldwide tour.


What Drives Clayton’s Success?


Apart from passion in the entertainment industry, Clayton has consistently delivered quality work for all of his clients. The producer and tour manager believe in hard work, thinking and planning three steps ahead of what he intends to accomplish.


Clayton espouses the importance of keeping up with emerging technologies and creativity in his productions, including use of acrobatics and aerial stunts. Competency is also a major attribute that Clayton values in all people that he works with. Interestingly, he prefers working with ill-mannered competent people rather than incompetent Pollyannas.



Clayton relies heavily in referrals by friends and satisfied clients. However, he commands a strong online presence, through his website, social media and LinkedIn. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/clayton-hutson/

Neurocore as the Brain Performing Centers with Patient’s Best Interest at Heart

Many individuals around the world suffer from different diseases and conditions. Others are lucky enough to get help while others are not. What is saddening is that, when such people do not get the care they need or rather are not shown love, they deteriorate at lightning speed and may end up losing their lives. Considering the vast speed at which technology is conquering the world, Neurocore has embraced it. It is a center of brain performance has invested tremendous efforts to help people with various conditions like depression, stress, ADHD, autism, among others.
When someone is not affecting by conditions like the ones mentioned above, they don’t take them seriously until it knocks on their doors. In Neurocore, the brain is the guide. With the help of qEEG technology, the source of the symptoms a patient has is identified. Having that information makes it a whole lot easier to come up with a program suitable to overcome the challenge. One might be surprised with how powerful the brain is because it is the one that makes people even feel depressed. It is because the brain responds to what has been channeled to it. It is a fact not known by many people that be it autism or depression; the brain always has the answers.
With Neurocore, 45 minutes and a 30 –session program is conducted. Here, one watches a movie when their brain is at a speed of therapy, and this is made possible by neuro and biofeedback, which response well because the brain has subject to change. With time, the brain stops lancing out of range. Therefore, brain functionality improves.
Neurocore has various centers with specialists and brain coaches. There are seven centers in Lower Michigan and two in southern Florida. These centers do not lock out anyone as long as they feel they need help. The doors of Neurocore are wide open. It is not hard to get assistance from them, if one is not near the locations mentioned, at their website, click on schedule assessment and fill the information provided. It is as simple as that. For more encouragement and one to see that they are not alone in their journey, one can have a look at people’s testimonials and know that whatever they are going through, a solution is there.

Honey Birdette’s Plans To Open More Retails In The United States

Honey Birdette is a lingerie firm that rapidly spread its wings after budding to become an international line with unique high end items. The Australian based company recently launched an online United States shopping portal and revealed its plans to set up three regional physical stores in the country by the end of 2018. Honey Birdette is the creation of Eloise Monaghan ad her co-partners who teamed up in 2006.

Eloise stated that the motive behind starting a United States online shop was based on factual information which indicated that the firm had a 374 percent sales rate in the nation alone. Eloise added that the shop will be an easy way for their clients to experience a smooth shopping experience. Honey Birdette will make free deliveries to any order that exceeds $50, process returns more easily than before and introduce a broad range of items for the US clientele.

Honey Birdette’s administration will accelerate their growth in the United Kingdom by opening retail stores. The first opening was at London’s Covent Garden and then additional ones in Westfield White City and Leeds Victoria Gate. The firm has a list of ten prospective new locations to open new stores, including Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds and Westfield Stratford. The end of 2018 will see the successful operation of at least 40 retails in the UK alone. Honey Birdette has 55 stores in Australia and is looking to start premium ones in new areas in the continent.

Honey Birdette has a wide range of products that majorly cater to the lifestyle of women. They have lingerie, handbags and shoes that match the modern woman’s pocket and taste. Other products that are rarely mentioned include adult toys which attract a secretive lot of buyers who enjoy Honey Birdette’s exclusiveness and sales’ efficiency. Eloise commented that Honey Birdette has the aim to serve customers with high end quality at modern buildings that project comfort and class.

The Future of Cloud Computing: NuoDB’s transitional database

As a technician you know that traditional databases can only do so much. SQL oriented databases can do more but NuoDB has come up with transitional databases that work well with the cloud. With any application it is important that there is a solid platform behind it. NuoDB provides that solid platform. The difference is that NuoDB has a scalable and highly flexible platform that works seamlessly with cloud applications.

All the important components of a secure transaction are there with NuoDB but with one difference. NuoDB uses a layered approach in regards to its databases. What this means is that instead of the traditional one level structure NuoDB uses a three tier structure with administrative and storage tiers in separate areas. This allows the freedom of applications to connect without the means of a disk drive. By dividing the data streams into separate tiers while still maintaining secure access to the database, NuoDB has made it easier for users to make connections and maintain their constantly evolving data streams.

The elasticity of the cloud database is maintained through NuoDB’s transitional database without compromising sensitive information. It is important to note as more companies move data into the cloud the more transitional databases will be needed.

Talos Energy Oil Exploration in the Mexican Gulf Coast.

Mexico has a new private oil well. It’s been well over eighty years since Mexico established a private oil well in Mexican waters. With the collaboration between Talos Energy and Sierra Oil and Gas of Mexico; Mexico finally allowed foreign investors back into the Gulf of Mexico.  The well drilling started on May 17, 2017, through a joint venture between Talos Energy, Sierra Oil and Gas of New Mexico, and Premier Oil Pic of London, England. This is considered the first private drilling expedition that is not part of the state run Petroleos Mexicanos.

Located on the Mexican Gulf Coast, the Sureste basin contains an amount of crude oil estimated between 150 million and 600 million MMbbl of crude oil. The cost to drill for the oil is expected to exceed sixteen million dollars. Experts anticipate it will take over four months to complete the drilling expedition. The three companies involved in the expedition, won the right to participate in the exploration process. This occurred after Mexico decided to open its’ declining oil industry to private investors. Due to its location and vast oil reserves, geological experts believe this joint venture will be extremely successful.

Talos Energy is a major contributor to the drilling expedition. The company’s business line includes exploration and drilling for oil and natural gas. Located in Houston, Texas, Talos Energy, LLC is an essential part of the local economy. Their drilling expeditions are located primarily in the gulf coast area.

Using the latest in three-dimensional seismic data, allows Talos Energy to strategically plan their drilling activities for natural gas and crude oil. Using advanced technology and the expertise of their managers and engineers; allows them to safely drill for oil and natural gas while preserving the environment. The employees have a vested interest in the success of Talos Energy; as they are all life long residents of the gulf coast area.

Avaaz are Leaders in the Making

Avaaz is a civic group that started in 2007, and the organization focuses the many global issues that impact the world. Avaaz focuses on subject matters such as poverty, conflict, corruption, animal rights, human rights and climate change. Avaaz is considered to be a the top when it comes down to global topics around the world. Avaaz is derived from the Persian word Avaz which means voice. Avaaz was founded by the Res Publica, but its co-founders include Ricken Patel, Tom Pravda, Tom Perriello, Eli Pariser, David Madden, Jeremy Heimans, and Andrea Woodhouse. Avaaz believes in empowering people to see the effects of global issues. The empowerment is to encourage individuals to go out there fighting for the world by tackling these matters. The actions of Avaaz comes in many forms such as forming petitions, protesting, emails, calling, and creating campaigns. Avaaz has supported many causes. Avaaz gave support to the revolt of the Syrian Civil War. They helped the protesters by equipping them with communications with the internet. At the same time, Avaaz gave Syria some medical equipment. Avaaz helps aid the removal of the photographer Paul Conroy. Avaaz gave their support to the no-fly zone in Libya. Recently Avaaz was against the Trump Administration during the 2016 Presidential election campaign. Avaaz still takes the time to tour the no-fly zones. Avaaz is the organization that wants to see the world be better, by having people treat it better. Avaaz believes in not limiting ourselves to what we can do to make this world a better place.

AGORA Financial – Providing Independent Financial Insight and Advice

Financial insight creates the basis for making the right decision if there are changes in personal or business arena. The current operating environment of today is complex, competitive, fast, and volatile. That is due to wide demographic and social alterations that affect where and how the business is conducted to cater the necessities of a changing world consumer population amidst the wider economic rebalancing of the globe’s economy. In spite of that, it is the technology advent that is having the biggest effect on working lives. The core of establishing the competitive merit is technological innovation.
The enhancing of digitization of businesses, new successful business models, and more entrepreneurial environments meet clients needs more efficiently drives a greatly competitive enterprise landscape. The developments also have a deep influence on where the data-rich business environment is essential to have an advantage and corporate value. Good advice for future can solely be provided if the present circumstance is known. That provides you with unbiased recommendations and customized services using the unique approach of managing your resources. You need to have a customized strategy to assist you to reach the set objectives.
AGORA Financial is a private publishing organization situated in Baltimore, Maryland. The company produces books, email and print publications, and conferences with the aim of offering commentary, marketing predictions, and financial advice. AGORA Financial is an auxiliary of Agora Network which was established in 1979 by essayist Bill Bonner and financial writer, the Empire of Debt & Financial Reckoning Day author.
AGORA Financial publishes various financial newsletters that are focused on giving advice to investors on how to make money in emerging technologies, metals, energy and small-cap stocks including the Outstanding Investments, Capital & Crisis and Daily Reckoning. The company is also the founder of the Richebacher Society, the group that concentrated on the work of economist Kurt Richebacher.

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The Adoption of Clinical pathways in The Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has five hospitals across the United States, all located in America’s main metropolitan areas. Each of these centers is fully staffed with cancer experts, modern technologies, and advanced treatments, something that enable the institutions to treat cancer in the best way technology can allow. With all these resources, CTCAs deliver personalized and whole-care services to each cancer patient.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America, together with the Allscripts and the NantHealth have finally partnered to launch clinical pathways. This comes after the idea to form a comprehensive and custom oncology Treatment platform in 2016 came to be. This platform is going a long way in improving the treatment of all types of cancer. The launch of this Clinical pathway marked the start of even better medical services for cancer patients.

According to Wikipedia, the seamless integration allows oncologists to access the Allscripts Sunrise Electronic Health Record (EHR). This platform will help in enlightening cancer treatment process without necessarily interfering with the physician’s clinical workflow. Since the integration is a rich source of a comprehensive collection of evolving cancer care data, cancer can now be treated using extensive details and from a clear standpoint.

Time to time, the clinical pathways is updated with the latest cancer researches available, treatment regiments, and with corresponding therapies. Consequently, this integration provides the oncologists with the ability to generate a curated list of care procedures, up to the point of care. For this reason, upon engaging the treatment platform, a range of information can be accessed For instance, one can get custom treatment regiments that are specific to a particular patient, such as disease type and the state of the disease.

With all the information readily available on the integrated platform, the CTCAs can easily classify the cancer type along with other additional and relevant information necessary to start the treatment. At the end of the day, a patient is taken though the appropriate process in fighting cancer. The use of evidence based treatment enabled by the integrated platform has not only made it easy for the CTCAs to effectively deal with this illness, but it has also established confidence in its patients.

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The “NewSQL” database – NuoDB

Founded in the year 2008, NuoDB started as a database company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The firm began as NimbusDB, and in 2011, its name changed to NuoDB. The founding partners of NuoDB are Barry S. Morris, who turned out to be the Chief Executive Officer of the company and Jim Starkey.

NuoDB was listed as a niche player for Operational Database Management Systems by Gartner in the year 2013. Besides, the firm was named by Boston Business Journal as well as Mass High Tech as one of their Innovation All-stars of 2014.

In the year 2015, the company was listed again by Gartner as a Visionary in its undertaking for Operational Database Management Systems. During Morris tenure as the CEO, the company raised over $17 million financing from existing investors such as Longworth Venture Partners, Hummer Winblad Venture and Morgenthaler Ventures in 2016.

Technically, NuoDB refers to an elastic database for cloud applications. The database is popularly referred to as “NewSQL” since it is SQL compliant. Also, it has distributed object architecture which works within the cloud making the database run faster. The model distributes task to various processors thus preventing bottlenecks of data. Furthermore, it employs peer-to-peer messaging to route tasks on nodes.

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