The Top Orthopedic Procedures and Contributions of Greg Finch in their Treatment

Orthopedic surgery is a procedure performed to treat conditions relating to the muscles and bones of the human body structure. Orthopedic procedures get approached using non-surgical and surgical methods. The method used is dependent on the location of the condition and the extent into which the condition has traversed. There are several orthopedic conditions and procedures performed with the most common being;

Treatment of Herniated Discs.

A spinal disc gets characterized by a soft center and a tough exterior. It rests between vertebrae’s in the spine. In most cases, this type of operation is necessary especially when the disc slips or ruptures. If the disc ruptures, it affects the nearby nerves causing pain, numbness, and weakness. The operation is carried out to relieve the pain. However, the treatment method is customized depending on the client, location of pain, and the severity of the condition. Most patients exhibit different symptoms.

Ruptured Achilles tendon.

The Achilles tendon is responsible for providing smooth movement. In the event of a ruptured tendon, a patient feels a pop sound accompanied by pain in the ankle and the lower leg. The approach used in treating this condition is best achieved through surgery. As it affects the ability to walk, choosing a qualified surgeon is important.

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery.

This type of procedure is among the most common in almost all hospitals. Knee Arthroscopy is used to diagnose and treat knee injuries. Knee surgery can result from arthritis. In extreme cases, replacement of the knee membrane gets carried out using plastic or metal surfaces.

Patients ailing from conditions that require the attention of an orthopedic surgeon can seek the services of Greg Finch. He is an established orthopedic surgeon practicing at Sunshine Coast Private Hospital, Australia. Greg Finch trained in all aspects of spinal surgery with interests in minimally invasive surgeries.

Greg Finch also has specialties in pediatric orthopedics, trauma, and reconstruction of adult deformity. However, he specializes in spinal conditions. After he had been awarded FRACS, Greg Finch traveled around the world with specialists in spine surgery where he acquired invaluable experience.