William Saito Laid the Foundation For His First Software Company at Age 10

Cyber Security specialist and venture capitalist William Saito was 10 years-old when he wrote his first computer software program. He launched his first business while still in Junior High School. Calling his cybersecurity company I/O Software he would incorporate the company in 1991.


In 1969 his parents who were Japanese Nationals immigrated to the US. William would be born two years later. After graduating from La Verne California’s Damien High School he enrolled at the University of California Riverside. He would also study Biomedical Science at the University of California’s Los Angeles campus.


William Saito sold I/O Software to Microsoft. Upon completion of the transaction, he returned to his ancestral land. In 2012 he settled in Tokyo and began his next business venture InTecur. InTecur invests in and provides consultation to innovative tech companies.

In 2011 his investments in start-up companies in Japan earned him a trip to the 2011 World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader. Two years later William Saito joined the Japanese Government where he would hold a variety of posts.


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe tapped William Saito to serve as his top cybersecurity advisor. Later William would act as a cybersecurity advisor to the Cabinet Office and Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. A lecturer himself William also advised the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology on matters concerning education.


After a tsunami caused multiple meltdowns at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant William Saito was appointed Chief Technology Officer. In that capacity, he provided the Diet with IT and technical guidance during the investigation into the Fukushima reactor meltdowns.


Upon leaving public service William Saito went to work for Japan Airlines and helped establish the airline’s IT department. While with JAL he also held the positon of General Manager of Digital Innovation Promotion. From 2014-2017 William sat on the Japan Time’s Advisory Board. He has also been a consultant to the ad agency Hakuhodo and the clothing conglomerate Fast Retailing.


Among William Saito’s accolades Ernst and Young, the NASDAQ, and USA Today rated him among the “100 Most Influential People for Japan”. He has been named to the Global Shapers Foundation Board and the Global Agenda Council.

A New Way To Conduct Political Efforts

Cutting Turf

Organizing a political campaign comes with many challenges and feats. “Cutting turf” is recognized as one of the hardest parts of the campaign.

NGP VAN, a political software provider, has created an innovative solution for this tedious and time-consuming problem. They created an organization tool called “Distributed Canvassing.”

The feature is said to automate the tedious process and free up valuable campaign time for other endeavors. This tool is social progressive because it utilizes modern technology to accomplish goals while allowing for real-life voter interactions.

Distributed Canvassing

Distributed Canvassing is a software tool aimed to change the consistency of workflow for canvasses. Without this tool, the standard process includes things such as contacting a field organizer, meeting in the campaign office, preparation time, interacting with voters, checking off lists and recording the findings.

There are tons of footwork involved in the traditional methods for cutting turf. With the Distributed Canvassing, the work load is much lighter. Setting up a list for volunteers and distributing them correctly are the only two steps needed when using NGP VAN’s software. The technology does the majority of the work for the user.

NGP VAN’s initial idea for their new software was sparked from a previous app they had released called Knock 10 during 2017. The aim of the app was to personally get involved in the interaction with voters.


The Effect

The technology in Distributed Canvassing is cutting-edge and up-to-date. The software will find your location and tell you the 10 closest voters within your immediate area. The software is flexible enough for personalized changes geared towards each individual campaign.

Distributed Canvassing is still in the beginning stages of use. However, it has been successfully utilized for a variety of projects. The feedback from users is affirmative of NGP VAN’s goal. It truly does save time and create accurate and efficient results. NGP VAN has been a trusted name for many progressive campaigns in the past, and with their new development, their appeal continues to grow amongst the youth of politics.

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Jason Hope’s Hard Line Position on the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is a major adherent to the Internet of Things. He has become well known as a business visionary and incessant essayist and pundit on the most recent tech patterns. Hope has of late expounded regarding the matter widely at Tech.co describing the Internet of Things like the big coming influx of headway to hit the tech business. His articles are exceedingly viewed as part of the prevalent training on the course that innovation is going in.

Jason Hope is a major adherent to the Internet of Things. He has become well known as a business visionary and incessant essayist and pundit on the most recent tech patterns. Hope has of late expounded regarding the matter widely at Tech.co describing the Internet of Things like the big coming influx of headway to hit the tech business. His articles are exceedingly viewed as part of the prevalent training on the course that innovation is going in.

The Internet of Things is so compelling, as per Hope, that it is probable the greatest venture that a considerable part of the world’s biggest companies will pursue. As the real players in the worldwide economy start to grasp the innovative advances offered by the Internet of Things, it will turn out to be more imperative for different organizations to compete with the pace. Jason Hope anticipates that the pattern will establish the world where nearly all the conceivable gadgets will be able to link with each other.

Also, even as Jason Hope clarifies that smart technology is essentially a helpful choice for some customers now, Jason trusts it will end up being the main route in a couple of years. There will exist competition among all the significant organizations to have the capacity to make the most helpful and pertinent applications for users to engage within their daily lives and even across various devices.

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Securus Technologies’ President, Rick Smith Presents His Highly Experienced Sales Executive Team That Has Worked Hard To Earn the Firm Positive Response

As part of its plan to expand its operations, Securus Technologies spent $600 million in the last four years in acquiring and developing a new range of over 800 safety related products. Following this development, there was a need to hire experienced sales executives who would effectively steer the sales team towards the successful introduction of these products to the market. This is what prompted the hiring of John Bell as the Senior VP of Sales in December 2015. According to Rick Smith, Securus’ CEO, John Bell possesses the capability that matches the firms need to effectively present the new, more complex, and sophisticated products to its major clients that include correctional facilities and law enforcers. Read more articles at Fox34.com

Strong Team

John Bell has an exceptional record of 35 years’ experience in reputable organizations, including IBM, NTT Verio, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, and AT&T. He has the expertise to turn around a company’s operations to bring about the much-needed excellent performance and growth. He also has the capability to mold sales persons to be of exceptional performance. He is responsible for 100 salespeople, 60 of which are quota-carrying. Josh Conklin, who is the VP of Sales, works directly under him. The two works together as a team to accomplish various assignments, such as presenting the firm’s products to customers and top management at the Securus Technology Center, carrying out monthly face-to-face marketing, and creating a training program for sales associates among other sales related duties. John Bell is an alumnus of the esteemed Holy Cross College, revered Kellogg School of Management and the distinguished Wharton School of Business.

Positive Responses

Securus Technologies has continued to offer their safety-based services, which include top-notch technology for civil and criminal justice. These services aim at curbing crimes committed by individuals, including those in correctional facilities. The company’s efforts of creating a safer environment always receive positive responses from the people. They often send appreciation emails to the company stating how the firm’s services have improved security in their facilities. According to Rick Smith, creating safety is part of Securus Technologies DNA, and it’s the company’s honor to serve the community.

Rick Smith terms the firm’s products as a strong investment to any organization. Every week, Securus Technologies’ able team creates a proposal detailing what the company offers. These proposals are then sent to correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. These products go a long way in helping solve and prevent crimes. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

More about Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a safety enhancement firm that is strategically centered in Dallas, Texas. The company ensures that the world is safer by providing an assortment of services that include emergency response, biometric analysis, investigation, incident management, public information, and monitoring products. Securus Technologies has served over 3450 safety agencies and 1.2 million inmates in North America.

The Impressive Resume of Eric Pulier

There is no question that Eric Pulier has an impressive resume and has come in contact with a lot of different people. Indeed, his impressive resume could even mention the fact that he played a large contribution to the second presidential inauguration of Bill Clinton and Al Gore. He designed the “technology bridge to the 21st century” display on the mall in Washington for this important event. Of course, Pulier’s career contribution are not just limited to politics. He has also contributed in other ways.


These would include serving as the chairman and chief executive officer of SOA Software, Inc. from July 1995 to July 1998 and then serving as the chief technological officer of the company from July 1998 to May 1999. If that weren’t impressive enough he has also established himself as a pioneer in the software electronics management field for over two decades.


The evidence of this speaks for itself simply because of the fact that Pulier has founded or co-founded a number of important companies. These would include co-founding Interactive Video Technology in 1998. While he was at it, Pulier also founded Desktone in 2007, which is now a subsidiary of VMware, Inc. If that alone was the scope of how many companies Pulier has founded, it would greatly highlight his huge organizational skills. However, he has more to add to his resume.


He has also served as a director for a number of different companies, including Santa Monica Media Corporation since 2005 and director of MPOD, Inc from 1998 to 2001. Pulier also current serves as executive director of the Enterprise Leadership Council. Finally, Pulier has also served as director for ArtistDirect.


There is no question that Eric Pulier has led the way not only in having a career that others could only envy but has shown himself to be a solid community leader in his philanthropic pursuits as well. Pulier’s has the know-how to make his world a better place for now and generations to come.



Eric Pulier Is a Legend in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is where most of the major tech companies are located in the United States. Eric Pulier helped to create a large number of the most profitable tech startups that currently reside in that area. He has shown a knack for being able to predict various consumer trends and being able to capitalize on them. This has always allowed Pulier to stay one step ahead of his competition. Therefore, Pulier has remained relevant in the tech industry for more than 20 years. The majority of people that were in the industry when he first started are now retired or doing something completely different.


Eric Pulier frequently hits the lecture circuit to answer questions about his career and the various startup companies he has founded. He is often asked the same questions over and over again. These questions usually ask him to describe his process for selecting a team to run his startups. People who attend Pulier’s lectures also want to know about how he goes about financing his various projects. He is more than happy to share this info with those who are interested. Eric vividly remembers when he was young and new in the startup business. There were not many people who were willing to help him learn some of the basics. He wants to give the young people who come to hear him speak the head start that he never had.


ServiceMesh, Desktone and Akana are just a few of the companies that were constructed by Eric Pulier’s brilliant business mind. Eric said that it is imperative to stay ahead of the curve in the startup industry. He believes that a person should strive to be the first to come up with an innovative product or service that people will need for a long time. This will allow your startup to stand out from the crowd if it is offering something that no other site is currently selling. Pulier also recommends that you hire a social media consultant if you are not very familiar with how to use Facebook and Twitter as methods to promote your site.