Securus Technologies’ President, Rick Smith Presents His Highly Experienced Sales Executive Team That Has Worked Hard To Earn the Firm Positive Response

As part of its plan to expand its operations, Securus Technologies spent $600 million in the last four years in acquiring and developing a new range of over 800 safety related products. Following this development, there was a need to hire experienced sales executives who would effectively steer the sales team towards the successful introduction of these products to the market. This is what prompted the hiring of John Bell as the Senior VP of Sales in December 2015. According to Rick Smith, Securus’ CEO, John Bell possesses the capability that matches the firms need to effectively present the new, more complex, and sophisticated products to its major clients that include correctional facilities and law enforcers. Read more articles at

Strong Team

John Bell has an exceptional record of 35 years’ experience in reputable organizations, including IBM, NTT Verio, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, and AT&T. He has the expertise to turn around a company’s operations to bring about the much-needed excellent performance and growth. He also has the capability to mold sales persons to be of exceptional performance. He is responsible for 100 salespeople, 60 of which are quota-carrying. Josh Conklin, who is the VP of Sales, works directly under him. The two works together as a team to accomplish various assignments, such as presenting the firm’s products to customers and top management at the Securus Technology Center, carrying out monthly face-to-face marketing, and creating a training program for sales associates among other sales related duties. John Bell is an alumnus of the esteemed Holy Cross College, revered Kellogg School of Management and the distinguished Wharton School of Business.

Positive Responses

Securus Technologies has continued to offer their safety-based services, which include top-notch technology for civil and criminal justice. These services aim at curbing crimes committed by individuals, including those in correctional facilities. The company’s efforts of creating a safer environment always receive positive responses from the people. They often send appreciation emails to the company stating how the firm’s services have improved security in their facilities. According to Rick Smith, creating safety is part of Securus Technologies DNA, and it’s the company’s honor to serve the community.

Rick Smith terms the firm’s products as a strong investment to any organization. Every week, Securus Technologies’ able team creates a proposal detailing what the company offers. These proposals are then sent to correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. These products go a long way in helping solve and prevent crimes. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

More about Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a safety enhancement firm that is strategically centered in Dallas, Texas. The company ensures that the world is safer by providing an assortment of services that include emergency response, biometric analysis, investigation, incident management, public information, and monitoring products. Securus Technologies has served over 3450 safety agencies and 1.2 million inmates in North America.

Securus Shares Industry News

The technology company Securus Technologies is one of the largest providers of communication technology for various industries such as corrections. The company is headquartered in Texas, Dallas and has over one thousand employees. Securus Technologies is a company that comes from humble beginnings and has slowly bought up other companies in order to provide more services and products. This has really payed off as they now serve almost 1.2 million inmates across the United States. The companies array of services now include monitoring services and products, inmate self service, information management, communication, biometric analysis, investigation, public information, incident management and emergency response. The main focus of the company is to provide its customer with both services and products that improve the safety of the industries the serve.

The current CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith shows a strong will to keep his company up to date as well as abiding by a certain standard of integrity. It is for this reason that Richard A. This competitor is known as Global Tel Link and has also been involved in the inmate communications industry since the 90’s.

The wrongdoings and integrity breach was identified by the Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) and make up the following findings. Global Tel Link was found to have inflated call tariffs without permission to do so, the charges placed on customers were artificially inflated, call durations made by customers were changed unlawfully, practice of double billing and deliberately overcharging customers. These are just a few of the findings named however the combined cause of these findings cost the Louisiana taxpayers a total of $1,243,000.

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