Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira and the evolution of the Brazilian legal system

The legal profession in Brazil has continued to evolve and in the process created some of the best lawyers in the world. They operate under a federal system with the judiciary being the interpreter of law and other legal statutes in the country. Originally the Brazilian law was heavily dependent and borrowed from the Portuguese civil law and with a legal system based on this statutes. However, after passing of their constitution it became their supreme law and has over time been amended to become one of the most forward thinking legal documents. A major change that came from a constitutional amendment in the year 2004 allowed courts to use precedent( a ruling given by another court in an earlier case) when making legal determinations.

According to one of the most prominent legal practitioners, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Lawyers are the only legally recognized practitioners of law in the country and they are the only ones who can be appointed as judges and magistrates.For one to become a lawyer one requires to study law in the university this can either be a local or international university that is recognized by the Ordem dos Advogados do Brazil.This body is also the only one that is allowed to issue the certification exam that enables one to be admitted to the bar.

The Ordem dos Advogados do Brazil is assisted in oversing lawyers by the state bars they are responsible for ensuring that lawyers uphold the legal code of conduct as outlined in their mandate. Law firms in Brazil are a very integral part of the legal system and one of the most prominent law firms is Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados headed by Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira he has been a partner in the firm for over 26 years.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira is recognized in the legal profession in Brazil as one of the few law entrepreneurs due to his ability to use the law to defend his clients as well as in the development and contribution of economic laws. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira leads a firm that is headquartered in São Paulo with branches in Rio de Janeiro and Brasília. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira is a firm believer in pro bono work and has a team of dedicated staff that continuously works to offer their services all over Brazil.