21st Century Crime Fighting: Securus Technologies

When it comes to solving and preventing crime, there are a number of organizations that specialize in this field of work. When it comes to solving and preventing crime in the corrections system, there is one organization that leads the pack. We are Securus, and our organization covers a wide array of safety solutions. We are solving as well as preventing crime at a much higher rate than in years of the past. Crime still happens in the prison system, which can makes solving crime much more harder to do. The investigative tools that are being used by us are well-tested, and they are producing far greater results. Securus is well-committed to serve through the efficient solutions of biometric analysis, emergency response, incident management, public information and for investigation.

Our advanced monitoring services and products are high quality, are effective, and these solutions have yielded great results. Prison complexes and county jail personnel have personally thanked us via letter and email. Some of the customer/client selective comments included are that “we are fairly impressed with your capabilities and vision.” “The monitoring tools from your company have drastically decreased crime in a shorter period of time than before.” These quotes are actual comments that were made by people like you and me. Up to 3,400 corrections agencies, law enforcement and public safety organizations benefit from our advancements.

On the other hand, there are well-over 1.2 million inmates in North America, and they fall under our supervision. Our efficient investigative mindset is enhanced when it’s combined with innovative investigative tools. Investing in our services mean that you’ll get a great return on investment and that’s a fact. When negative situations are taken out of the equation, efficiency sets in. Preventative measures are some of the very best possible solutions in any case.


Securus Endeavor in Correctional Services Communication Systems

Securus Technologies is a company that majors in the provision of a leading edge in civil and criminal justice solutions. The company’s primary aim is improving public safety and modernizing the experience of incarceration. Many of the law enforcement units rely on Securus Technologies in finding secure and powerful tools in technology that are easy to use. Securus is a company that boasts of hundreds of engineers, technologists, and designers who can innovate and comes up with lasting solutions in the technology centers.


The company is also able to connect security personnel to critical information required in prison. The systems created by Securus technologies also major in emergency response and incident management around the correctional facilities. The headquarters of Securus Technologies is in Dallas, United States of America. It has facilitated the management in more than 3400 correctional facilities and more than 1.2 million inmates around the United States. Since the company was founded in 1986, it has experienced significant growth and has managed to have more outlets in Atlanta and Allen. To increase the efficiency of services provided by the company, there is a 24-hour call customer care.


The company also operates with a capacity of 1300 associates around the nation. Securus Technologies can realize a profit of $19 million every year from the products sold. The technology used by the company is also termed as superior when compared to other communication systems around the country. The enterprise has also managed to win its fifteenth prize this year with five courtesy of the Golden Bridge Awards. Many customers around the world have also expressed satisfaction with the services provided by Securus. Many of the prisoners are now able to connect with the outside world and get more knowledge increasing their mental status. The products have also brought self-responsibility among inmates and the staff in general.


Securus Technologies Improves Inmate Communications

One of the largest providers of detainee communication and parolee tracking in America is Securus Technologies. Launched in 1986, Securus Technologies is an American prison technology company that is based in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technologies has around 1,000 employees and has contracts with over 2,600 correctional facilities throughout the United States. The company has regional offices in Carrollton and Allen, Texas as well as in Atlanta, Georgia.


Serving over 1,000,000 inmates nationwide, Securus Technologies focuses on the particular needs in law enforcement and correctional communities. They are renowned for providing innovative and comprehensive technical solutions for inmate communications. Securus Technologies offers a variety of phone call payment plans that allow friends and family to hear from their loved ones who are in correctional facilities. These plans include setting up prepaid accounts for inmate calls or setting up a plan that will send a bill after calls are placed by an inmate.


Securus Technologies also offers other means of communicating with inmates. They give loved ones the option to set up a video visitation, where they can visit with an inmate through use of a webcam and internet connection. Friends and family can also set up an email account through Securus that allows them to exchange email messages with an inmate.


Aside from helping inmates and their loved ones communicate easily, Securus Technologies has also helped law enforcement in preventing and solving crimes. Communications through Securus are all monitored so correctional facility members have been able to use information exchanged in these calls to find inmates that were selling drugs or smuggling contraband into the facility.


For more information on Securus Technologies and correctional facility communications, please visit securustech.net.



Why You Should Encourage The Courts To Have Securus Technologies Installed Into The Communications Systems of Your Local Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is a new program that has been introduced to the world of communications which enables incarcerated individuals to communicate with visitors without placing an obligation on them to visit them physically at the correctional facility they are confined in. It is highly recommended for correctional facilities to do what they can to encourage their local courts to have Securus Technologies installed into their communicative systems if they are not already. Unfortunately, many people have yet to install Securus Technologies into their communicative systems and as a result haven’t been able to reach their absolute full potential capabilities of communications that occur among individuals who are either in confinement or those they communicate with.


Securus Technologies works by connecting two parties, which in this case are inmates and their visitors, through a video conferencing program in which they can chat with one another through safe and secure means that are absolutely confidential. The only other parties who will may possible have access to the conversations that occur are courts and law enforcement agencies should illegal matters be discussed. Due to the having access to the conversations as well, crimes have both been prevented and solved, thus, making it a great system which any correctional facility should consider incorporating into their communications systems.


If you are not quite sure about what Securus Technologies offers you, please don’t hesitate to go to their website to read the press releases. They are updated regularly and offer details that may be of great use to anybody who may be considering utilizing this wonderfully designed program. It is a program that is bringing people closer together while simultaneously preventing crimes. Do not hesitate to ask a customer service representative for assistance should you have any concerns and/or questions.