Idea That George Soros Donated $33 Million To BLM Proven False

There is a rumor circulating that billionaire George Soros is funding the Black Lives Matter movement. According to this conspiracy theory the famous investor George Soros has provided a staggering sum of over $33 million dollars to the group. The rumor has gotten quite a bit of steam and coverage on many news programs.

For example, a contributor to the magazine American Thinker wrote that Black Lives Matter, which he believes is funded by George Soros is causing problems for the Democratic party in the primary season. Another example of the attention this rumor has got is that TV host Bill O’Reilly of the program The O’Reilly factor dedicated an entire skit to covering how George Soros supposedly funds Black Lives Matter. On this program, guest on the O’Reilly factor Kate Riddell came up with a sum of $33 million dollars a year donated to Black Lives Matter.

The contributor on the O’Reilly Factor says that George Soros donated hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to many organizations that are directly tied to Black Lives Matter or their movement. Black Lives Matter is a conglomerate of various organizations, activists and people who try to promote an agenda of ending discrimination against black Americans.

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Even host Bill O’Reilly took a swipe at George Soros by saying the billionaire is funding these groups, which he calls agitators because he believes Soros wants to stir up trouble. O’Reilly then added that the groups supposedly funded by George Soros would try to disrupt the Republican Convention in Cleveland at

When asked whether George Soros was actively funding Black Lives Matter and trying to cause trouble, director of the Open Society Foundation which distributes money to activist and non-profit groups, Ken Zimmerman quashed the rumors. He said “that George Soros, who is the founder of the Open Society does not pay to see protests happen.” “Mr. Soros is instead focused on promoting causes such as criminal justice reform and immigration reform” says director Ken Zimmerman of the open society Foundation.
The Open Society foundation founded by George Soros promotes a wide array of causes. One of them includes helping formerly communist and socialist nations switch their economies to a free market based system. Back home, the Open Society foundation promotes criminal justice reform, immigration reform and equality for all citizens. George Soros is the president, founder and major benefactor of the organization, which now has branches throughout the world.