HVAC Brand Goettl Adds To Its Community Work In Las Vegas And Beyond

The HVAC brand Goettl is well known for the high level of community involvement the company undertakes on a regular basis in a bid to give back to a public who often uses the services of the brand. Goettl used the recent Holiday season in a bid to expand its help to the community by helping provide a working HVAC unit and conduct repairs to the plumbing of the home for a single family living in the Las Vegas region.


The work was completed in the Holiday season gave the Stephenson family a gift that has been many years coming after the family found it difficult to afford the repairs needed to their not working HVAC unit and broken toilet; Goettl completed the work free of charge in conjunction with the Triple5Teens charity who alerted the company to the problems the Stephenson family were facing on a regular basis.


Not only do Goettl help with charitable projects, but the company also looks to make sure each and every customer gets the best possible service and technology needed to live a healthy and secure life in their home. New technologies now allow homes to create comfort zones throughout a property based on the individual thermostats positioned throughout a home.


Goettl has been innovating for the good of their customers for almost 80 years after the Goettl brothers, Adam and Gust began exploring the creation of heating elements in their home town of Springfield, Ohio.


The Goettl brand was developed in 1939 in Arizona by Adam and Gust, which had such a major effect on the life of the people of Arizona that they were now able to remain in the state through the warm Summer months; Goettl is now seen as one of the most innovative HVAC developers ever to develop units for the future good of the local community.