A New Way To Conduct Political Efforts

Cutting Turf

Organizing a political campaign comes with many challenges and feats. “Cutting turf” is recognized as one of the hardest parts of the campaign.

NGP VAN, a political software provider, has created an innovative solution for this tedious and time-consuming problem. They created an organization tool called “Distributed Canvassing.”

The feature is said to automate the tedious process and free up valuable campaign time for other endeavors. This tool is social progressive because it utilizes modern technology to accomplish goals while allowing for real-life voter interactions.

Distributed Canvassing

Distributed Canvassing is a software tool aimed to change the consistency of workflow for canvasses. Without this tool, the standard process includes things such as contacting a field organizer, meeting in the campaign office, preparation time, interacting with voters, checking off lists and recording the findings.

There are tons of footwork involved in the traditional methods for cutting turf. With the Distributed Canvassing, the work load is much lighter. Setting up a list for volunteers and distributing them correctly are the only two steps needed when using NGP VAN’s software. The technology does the majority of the work for the user.

NGP VAN’s initial idea for their new software was sparked from a previous app they had released called Knock 10 during 2017. The aim of the app was to personally get involved in the interaction with voters.


The Effect

The technology in Distributed Canvassing is cutting-edge and up-to-date. The software will find your location and tell you the 10 closest voters within your immediate area. The software is flexible enough for personalized changes geared towards each individual campaign.

Distributed Canvassing is still in the beginning stages of use. However, it has been successfully utilized for a variety of projects. The feedback from users is affirmative of NGP VAN’s goal. It truly does save time and create accurate and efficient results. NGP VAN has been a trusted name for many progressive campaigns in the past, and with their new development, their appeal continues to grow amongst the youth of politics.

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