Bruno Fagali: A Lawyer Who Has Made it in the Law Industry Against all the Odds

Bruno Fagali is among the rising lawyers in Brazil who aim at changing the entire dynamic and concept of the Nation’s legal system. With the help of his in-depth knowledge in the field of Administrative Law and legal experience, Mr. Bruno Fagali has been able to make a name for himself compared to other upcoming lawyers. As we all know, education and experience are the two things that will help you in pursuing your career choice regardless of the industry, and Bruno Fagali had the two of them at hand.

Since 2006, Mr. Bruno Fagali has involved himself in a variety of law firms that has helped in giving him the experience he needed while practicing various law disciplines. At the moment he operates as an independent lawyer in his law firm, Fagali Law Firm at the same time acting as the Corporate Integrity Manager of one of Brazil’s advertisement agency, Nova/SB.

Mr. Bruno Fagali acquired his education from the Pontifical Catholic University where he earned his Law Degree. He later joined the University of Sao Paulo where he attained his Master’s degree in State, administrative and Anti-Corruption Law and this explains why he is well in the field of Administrative Law. Bruno Fagali has been busy pursuing chances suitable for his professional and personal development, and this made him pursue a number of courses.

Through his career journey, Bruno Fagali has worked with some prominent law firms in the nation. He had the opportunity of working as an intern while he was studying in various law businesses that assisted in sharpening what he was being taught. He also worked in the Radi, Calil and Associados Advocacia law firm as a lawyer and he had the chance of interacting with other attorneys and learning new things that he applies now he has his law firm that he founded in 2016. He hopes to help a lot of people with the help of his employees and his leadership skills.

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