How George Soros has been Advocating for Justice and Accountability in Societies

George Soros is revered for being one of the most philanthropic people in the United States. He owns a charity organization that is called the Open Societies Foundation and has donated more than $12 billion. The money that Soros has been offering has supported several activists across the word to advocate for transparency, justice, accountability, and freedom of speech. He has also provided aid to organizations that represent the discriminated Roma people in Europe. The Open Society Foundations supports LGBTI people, sex workers, and drug users since they are not loved by the society.

Soros has accumulated a lot of wealth from the Soros Fund Management, which is a top hedge fund company that he founded in 1970. He invested a lot of money in the establishment of the open Society Foundations, which comprises of the several organizations, projects, and partners based in over 100 countries. The charity foundation made its first donations in 1979 by offering scholarships to South Africans who could not have a decent university education due to the oppression of the apartheid rule. Over the years the billionaire has been involved in several undertakings that aim at transforming the world.

George Soros was the chief financier of the Ferguson protest movement. He worked with individuals such as Rev. Al Sharpton who was frequently seen on the street and television interviews during the protests. Mr. Soros is recognized for being a liberal person, and he offered financial support to the protests hoping that they would stimulate civil action. He also mobilized various groups in the country to make the protests possible.

Tax reports from the Open Society Foundations indicate that the billionaire donated about $33 million in a year to facilitate the operations of existing groups that influenced the grassroots during the Ferguson protests. The financial aid that Soros gave to the activists changed a criminal activity of one day into a celebre that attracted national attention. According to the director of the Open Societies Foundation, Kenneth Zimmerman, people should participate in the government to create a society that is democratic, just, accountable, and inclusive. He also said that the organization has been funding civil rights groups from the 1970s event though they do not act on its orders. Zimmerman stated that the action of the groups that were funded by the Open Society Foundations was not influenced in any way by the organization. Learn more about his profile at

The activists who were received financial aid from Soros mobilized the Ferguson protests by establishing grassroots collaboration and conducting online campaigns across the country by using social media. Other organizations monitored the situation to get any information that they could offer to the news media to keep the story trending. The groups worked together to dominate all the social media platforms. Read more about George at The New York Times.

Flavio Maluf: Business Innovator

The business startup culture in Brazil is growing rapidly. With the digital age in full swing, startup businesses are assuming a more prominent role in creating new jobs. Flavio Maluf, the president of Brazilian company Eucatex, details important information about the new entities.

What is a business startup? In a basic sense, it’s a small business in its early stages of existence. There is often the possibility of rapid growth and profits. They are often innovative and technology based.

Flavio Maluf notes that there are approximately 4,200 startups in Brazil. They are found in various segments such as; health, e-commerce, software as a service, and education. Maluf has cited the Brazilian Association of Startups for this specialized information. Flavio Maluf’s background as an entrepreneur gives him unique insight into startups.

Gama Experience is a technology school that develops curriculums needed by high-tech startups. They have highlighted several areas most necessary to startups. Mobile programming is at the top of the list. Mobile developers are in great demand with more and more consumers gravitating to mobile for their purchases. Business sales is another important area. Every step of the consumer experience is crucial, beginning with technical support. When service and sales are done right, customer satisfaction can often lead to great loyalty. Rounding out the list is digital marketing which seeks ways to foster strong customer relationships. It often involves identifying a problem and crafting content which reveals a timely solution.

Early in his professional career, Flavio Maluf was a mechanical engineer. Mr. Maluf has served in his current capacity since 1997 and is credited with modernizing and expanding the company. Eucatex employs over 3,000 people and exports goods to over 40 different countries. Doors, ceilings, floors and particle boards are among some of their products. Many are produced from Eucalyptus woods, which has led to a sustainability effort by Eucatex. They grow significant amounts of Eucalyptus to replace what they’re using. Under Mr. Maluf’s leadership, environmental sensitivity is apparent.

Flavio Maluf is also active in his local community. He offers up his time as a volunteer to local charities and also offers financial support.

Successful Female Entrepreneur Rona Borre

Rona Borre is one of the country’s most successful female

Rona Borre is one of the country’s most successful female entrepreneurs. Since starting her own company, Instant Alliance, in 2001, she has earned many awards. Rona is seen as a leader and mentor in her community. She is a board member of The Chicago Network, Economic Club of Chicago and the Young President’s Organization.


As one of Chicago’s leading women business owners she has been featured in numerous TV and print articles. Rona has done interviews both locally and nationally. CBS 2 Chicago and Crain’s Chicago are just two of the local stations she has been on. Nationally her and her company were featured on CNN, CNBC and an article was written on her for USA Today.  Check and read more.


Rona Borre was chosen as an Influential Woman in Business by the National Association of Women Business Owners and by The Business Ledger. Enterprising Women Magazine awarded her with their Enterprising Woman of the Year. Due to her dedication to exemplary customer service, Instant Alliance has also earned some prestigious awards.

Take a look at

In 2014 Inavero awarded them one of the Best of Client Staffing Awards and their coveted Best of Staffing Diamond Awards. The prestigious diamond award is given when the company reaches five years of consistent client satisfaction scores. The company also received the Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction Award three years in a row.

Learn moreabout Borre, hit

Lori Senecal A Shy Success

Lori Senecal has succeeded in her industry because of one secret. Her secret is that she has played to her strengths. She never tried to be someone else or behave in a way that she believed she needed to in order to succeed. She has learned a lot growing up. One of the things she has learned is that she is not someone who is going to be able to gain attention by being loud. As a matter of fact, she was not interested in taking that approach. She has instead decided to look for ways to succeed on her own.

She has taken the time to self actualize. Afterwards, she has developed the resolve to pursue her goals. For one thing, she has learned that she is better off being serious and efficient as a worker. She has taken that principle and applied it to every business that she has pursued. She has held leadership positions in many different companies. When she joined some of the companies, she has brought major changes to the way business was run. For instance, a lot of companies that have focused on the relationship aspect of work has been changed to just getting the work done.

Lori Senecal does have a unique management style. Her style of management makes it easier to get work done. She is a no nonsense type of woman. As many people have seen, her style has brought her companies to higher levels of success. One thing that she has done was take a company that was cooling down in business and keep it hot. She is also the calm person in a chaotic environment. This an admirable trait for a manager to have. Her composure shows a lot of strength in who she is. Therefore, she has a lot of promise in her field.