Jeunesse Global Offering You Healthy Solutions To Keep Your Skin Looking Young and Your Body Energetic

Jeunesse Global, LLC is a direct selling platform focused on youth enhancement and healthy living based in Lake Mary, Florida. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded the firm on September 09, 2009, at precisely 9:00 P.M, with the number 9 representing the founder’s longevity. The company’s mission is to help people look young and impact them positively on how they feel. The firm’s research focuses on weight loss technology, DNA repair and adult stem cell technology, among others.

The firm’s products are manufactured in the US, and exclusively formulated for Juenesse, which are offered online through distributors. With a back-office support team, in-house programming, multilingual customer service and a global enrollment system, the company shares its innovative products, support and training through its 32 fully operational offices to markets in over 100 countries.

Jeunesse Global offers LUMINESCE which is an anti-ageing skin care product line which enhances radiance to the skin, restores youth vitality and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Some of the products in Luminesce line include luminesce youth restoring cleanser, luminesce daily moisturizing complex and luminesce advanced night repair.

The firm also offers RESERVE which is a unique concoction of super-fruits which contains antioxidants that work to prevent free radical damage while also protecting cells against future harm.

Currently, FINITI is Juenesse’s most advanced supplement containing a concoction of vegetables, fruits and ingredients. With 60 capsules per bottle, it has no preservatives or artificial colors.

NEVO is caffeinated energy drink that provides a fresh angle on energy in four refreshing formulas. With fifty calories in each can, the drink contains real fruit juices with no artificial colours or flavours.

AM and PM ESSENTIALS are a dietary supplement that includes nutrients and vitamins that help maintain healthy body composition. These essentials target the body’s morning and nighttime needs thus improving the quality of life from the inside out.

MIND is a dietary supplement that has been clinically proven to reduce mental distraction and enhance memory.

NV is a skin-perfecting primer, bronzer and foundation that gives one an enviable professional airbrush look, without the use of any airbrush.

ZEN BODI is a weight management solution that one takes for eight weeks.

Adrangi Issues Negative Report

At only 33 years old, Sahm Adrangi has accomplished feats that few even dream of accomplishing. With a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the prestigious Ivy League, Yale University, Sahm Adrangi has accumulated vast knowledge and experience in the investment world with a premier education.

Currently, Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of the Kerrisdale Capital firm, an investment and service-oriented organization. Prior to Kerrisdale, Sahm Adrangi was a top executive and analyst in Longacre Fund Management, where he helped build its billion-dollar empire of assets. Moreover, he helped the company with various credit and equity funds. Adrangi describes himself as more of a value investor and a generalist in terms of personal expertise.

Even before Longacre Fund Management, Adrangi was involved with companies such as Chanin Capital Partners and Deutsche Bank, all of which has helped build Adrangi’s illustrious career. In Deutsche Bank alone, Adrangi helped structure the bank debts and yielded high returns. Today, Sahm Adrangi’s Kerrisdale Capital is strongly an investment management organization driven by long-term investment values and event-driven specializations.

Recently, however, Asdrangi’s Kerrisdale Capital issued a negative report on the image organization, Eastman Kodak Company. Adrangi holds that the Eastman Kodak Company is fatally flawed in its initiative and will only hurt potential investors, specifying that the Kodak shareholders are only at a loss based on the overwhelming hype.

Eastman Kodak’s stock rose by a significant 187% since it announced a massive partnership with an image-licensing and cryptocurrency corporation. With strong vitality, Kerrisdale attests that these latest sets of acquisitions are only a method to thwart investors from potentially seeing the company’s flawed system and infrastructure management. Currently, the company only seeks to benefit if Kodak significantly drops in its share price. To prove its stance, Kerrisdale Capital is hosting a conference call to discuss the Kodak reports.

Boraie Development Your New Brunswick’s Housing Partner

The transformation of the New Brunswick area into a sophisticated residential and commercial hub has taken years. For companies like Boraie Development, the evolution is equivalent to forty years of passion, persistence, hard work and innovation. As the growth continues, Boraie Development is stepping up its game by building exquisite and unique properties such as the Aspire Apartments to accommodate the demand for housing.

Situated in Somerset street close to the New Brunswick train station, the Aspire is a collection of 138 units of one-bedroom, two-bedroom and studio apartments. The rent rates are relatively affordable when weighed against the expected benefits of living in the Aspire. The interior finishing is of top quality featuring glass tile backsplash, quartz counter parts, and cabinets for the kitchen and porcelain and ceramics for the bathroom. Residents can also access cable television, high-speed internet, and a top-notch heating system.

Other benefits include 24-hour maintenance management services, ample parking, and an elevator. According to the Central Jersey Working Moms, a studio apartment goes for $1,650 a month, and a one bedroom’s monthly rent is $1,800. The two-bedroom apartment comes with a private terrace and a balcony. People living in the area can quickly transit to Philadelphia and Manhattan. Also, there are three universities nearby including the Rutgers University Campus, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, and the Rutgers Medical School.

Boraie Development specializes in three business areas, property management, sales and marketing and real estate development. With a commitment to creating excellent properties and providing exceptional service, Boraie works with financial institutions, contractors, and architects to deliver projects on time.

Omar Boraie, founder of Boraie Development, embarked on a journey to transform New Brunswick after his trip to Europe as a visiting student from Egypt. In 1972, Boraie Development began its operations in New Brunswick, then a quiet town with little activity after 4 p.m. After identifying 21 vacant but ruined buildings, Omar started purchasing one after the other. He later developed a plan for the newly acquired area. By the 1980s, the Albany Street Plaza Tower One that hosts 250,000 square feet class A office spaces opened.

In 2003, Boraie Development launched the Tower two that had additional class A office spaces. As the town continued to grow, Omar noticed the need for high-end residential units. Inspired by the New York lifestyle, Omar developed the Aspire. Check out to see more.

New Brunswick is a town on the rise. Boraie Development intends to continue to cater for the growing number of young professionals leaving the area by developing unmatched residential units. You can visit his website for more.

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George Soros Helps Attain an Open Society through His Foundations

George Soros donated 18 billion dollars to Open Society Foundations. According to NY Times, the billionaire made a considerable donation which was among the most substantial fund transfers from an individual donor to any foundation. The contribution made Open Society become the United States’ second-largest philanthropic institution following the footsteps of Melinda Gates. Besides, George Soros benefited by securing a position in the midst of political social debates across the country.

Mr. George Soros is a Democratic primary donor and manages the hedge fund. He started the Open Society Foundation in April 1993, and it is based in New York. The organization aims to build tolerant vibrant democracies in which the authorities would maintain openness and accountability to all people’s participation. The foundation commits to empowering the rule of law, strengthen democracy in governments, promote the respect for minorities and human rights, and advocate for civil societies. Besides, the institution implements initiatives that improve public health, independence of the media, education, and justice. The organization fights corruption across the continents regions.

According to Open Society Foundations, George Soros is among the leading philanthropists. Through his administration, Open Society manages to support global organizations and individuals that advocate for accountable government, freedom of expression, and civil societies. He gave over 32 billion dollars of his wealth to finance the Open Society’s operations throughout the world. George Soros founded and still funds Budapest’s Central European University which is leading in the field of social sciences.

George’s foundations finance students’ education by paying their tuition fees. The assistance majorly goes to those students that undergo discrimination for their origins. He also supports those that are not welcome to the society, for instance, drug users, LGBTIs, and sex workers. He helps them undergo rehabilitation and become acceptable to the community.

His philanthropic works originate from his firsthand experience. Soros survived the Nazi occupation that saw the loss of half a million Hungarian Jewish lives. George’s Jewish family had to change identities and hide their backgrounds to escape the Nazi occupation. Open Society reports that Soros chose to resist the evil force by not submitting to their fate.

After the war, the Communists took over power in Budapest. George went to London in 1947 where he worked as a waiter in a night-club and a railway porter to raise enough money to finance his studies. He later left to the US where he entered the field of investments finance. He began Soros Fund Management, his hedge fund in 1970. Through the fortune obtained from the hedge fund, Soros was able to launch Open Society which is a network of projects, partners, and foundations across the world.

George Soros’ gave scholarships to students of South Africa during apartheid. He assisted in the advocacy for open ideas exchange in Hungary. His fights gear towards achieving a free society without discrimination to anyone.

George’s donations go beyond his institutions, financing private independent organizations. For instance, he supports the International Crisis Group Global Witness. Currently, George travels around the world in support of civil works and advocacy for positive policy enactments.

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