Highland Capital the Leading Credit Management Firm in the World

Highland Capital is the leading firm in the world offering credit management services. The company was formed in 1990 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. The two partners have been running the business for the last 27 years. Earlier the company was operating jointly with Protective Life Insurance Company. It mainly focused on fixed income markets and managed home loans for clients. In 1993 the company name changed to Protective Asset Management Company. In 1997 the two business partners bought the entire company stake and again changed the company name to Ranger Asset Management. A year later the company re-branded, and it was called Highland Capital to access a larger market.


The company under the excellent leadership of James Dondero and Mark Okada launched the Commingled bank loan which was the first for the firm. With aggressiveness to give clients more products, the company established the 40Act investment plan that was well received by investors in the credit markets. Highland Capital was not stopping, and every day they were researching extensively on products they can add on their line to serve customers in a more excellent way. In 2004 it made an entry in the mutual fund’s markets and it acquired floating rate funds from the Columbian asset management markets.


Highland Capital Management customer base became wider in 2008 and 2011 when the company became global and launched new branches in Singapore and Seoul. The company has diversified over time in the credit markets, and it is among the first companies to offer collateralized loans. Highland Capital was the first non-bank to provide Collateral Loan Obligation to clients the service was launched in 1996 and from that time it has stood out as the most trusted CLO manager in the world. It has managed over 30 billion dollars CLOs, and this has earned the firm a good reputation. The firm has been in the forefront assisting investors to manage loans in a way that is less risky. The company services are offered to private investors and public institutions in America and across the globe.


Highland Capital head offices are in Texas, and it has created employment for over 180 professionals who are very excellent in credit management. The company is dedicated to bettering lives for impoverished people across the world and a significant amount of money every year is donated to charitable initiatives.