Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Healing Service

A patient recently reached out to Doctor Jennifer Walden regarding her breast augmentation and face lift services. Concerned with her decreasing sexual attractiveness due to aging she was eager to discuss her options with Doctor Walden who specializes in cosmetic surgery. The all female staff provided an atmosphere where the patient was able to feel comfortable discussing her concerns as she went through the consultation. Jennifer’s extensive experience in the field of cosmetic surgery showed when every question she asked was answered in full detail. Jennifer was educating the patient on the surgical procedure and what improvements she was to expect after the surgery. “Doctor Walden understood me” said the patient. “Having small breasts feels like a disability when I see my friends flaunting their cleavage to guys”. She wanted to improve her appearance and fix something that bothered her for a long time. “Doctor Walden’s professionalism and absence of judgment allowed me to truly express what I wanted” said the patient. Jennifer Walden provided several breast enhancement options to choose from and she was able to educate the client on her face lift options as well.

Three months after her face lift and breast augmentation procedures the patient expressed an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and joy. “My life has changed and I feel like a new person, an improved version of what I used to be” she said with a big smile on her face. Procedures that improve a person’s appearance create a new level of self-esteem for Doctor Walden’s patients. Cosmetic surgery allows people to fix things that bother them about themselves. Doctor Jennifer Walden is not just a cosmetic surgeon, she is a healer. Through cosmetic procedures she is able to change people’s lives and bring them to a new level of satisfaction and self-esteem.


James Dondero gives generously to the Family Place

James Dondero is one of the most successful names in the financial industry. He started his career in the early nineties by launching Highland Capital Management in the heart of Dallas, Texas. Highland Capital changed the financial industry by creating the CLO and innovating other unique products.

James Dandero is extremely proud of Highland Capital’s growth, but now he wants to give back. Dallas has enabled James to reach new heights in his career, and James knows the city needs support and he has dedicated Highland’s resources to giving back.

Highland Capital gives a considerable amount to charity each year. The company averages $3 million worth of donations each year, but now James is taking their giving to the next level. Recently, James Dondero announced his plan to give to a major charity in the Dallas area.

James is going to give a $1 million grant to help The Family Place, a major organization in Dallas that supports victims of family violence. The organization has been trying to raise $2.8 million for their legacy campaign. This Legacy campaign will allow The Family Place to serve more victims of domestic violence than ever before.

James Dondero is extremely proud of the donation. He believes it serves as the perfect answer to the mayor and the police chief’s call to solve this life-threatening issue.

Highland Capital has always been impressed with the way that the Family Place has raised funds and helped those that needed their support. James is extremely proud of the investment he has made in the community. Learn more about James Dandero: http://www.insidermonkey.com/hedge-fund/highland+capital+management/173/

The Family Place was extremely happy about the donation. Paige Fink, CEO of The Family Place, gave a quick statement after the donation. She was proud of James Dondero and she invited other people to make a donation to their life-changing cause.

James Dondero cares deeply about the Dallas community. He wants to see the community flourish just as his company has flourished in recent years.