InnovaCare Health: Delivering Quality Healthcare Services Using Sustainable Managed Care Models

InnovaCare Health Incorporated is a privately owned provider of quality healthcare services. The company has developed a reputation for its commitment to providing patients with excellent patient-centric care using coordinated, cost-effective, innovative, sustainable managed care models. InnovaCare Health’s provider networks is made up of some of the top healthcare professionals in the industry. Using network that includes some of the country’s finest and most technologically advance healthcare facilities, the InnovaCare Health team delivers a wide array of quality healthcare services.

The Fort Lee, New Jersey headquartered company serves over 467,000 patients in the continental United States and another 200,000 in Puerto Rico through its subsidiary MMM Healthcare. InnovaCare Health integrates the entire healthcare ecosystem to offer excellent value-based care for each patient and create stronger, healthier communities. InnovaCare Health collaborates with key stakeholders, monitors their results and draws on its administrative and operational expertise to ensure the type and quality of their services evolves to meet the changing needs of their patients.

The InnovaCare Health leadership team is made up of preeminent experts with decades of experience in care delivery and managed care. Company president and CEO Richard Shinto, M.D., has over 20 years experience in clinical and operational healthcare. After earning his medical degree at Stony Brook University Medical School in New York as an internist and pulmonologist, Dr. Shinto practiced medicine in Southern California for many years.

Dr. Shinto was MedPartners corporate vice president of medical management, Orange County Cal Optima Health Plan’s chief medical officer, and Medical Pathways Management Company’s CEO and CMO. Dr. Richard Shinto was also CEO of NAMM California, president and CEO of Aveta Incorporated and CEO of MMM Healthcare before joining InnovaCare Health. He’s also on the board of several insurance, managed care and physician trade organizations and has written several articles about clinical medicine and healthcare.

Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare Health’s chief administrative officer. She previously served as its COO. Kokinides has 20 years experience in health care. Her specialty is managed care and government programs. She’s also an expert in designing clinical programs, managing healthcare operations and processes and improving organizational infrastructure and efficiencies. Check out businesswire to see more.

Kokinides has master’s degrees in public health, social work and alcohol and substance abuse. She’s been COO and vice president of clinical operations at Aveta Inc., COO and executive vice president of Centerlight Healthcare, COO of Touchstone Health and AmericChoice’s corporate vice president for care and disease management.

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Dr. Mark McKenna is a Businessman and a Doctor

When Dr. Mark McKenna was interviewed about what it is that he does to do better in the work that he takes on, he shared that he tries to surround himself with people who are smarter than he is. He believes that spending time with those who are smart will help him to make good decisions and become better at what he does. When he was asked about a habit that he has that has helped him to be successful, he shared that he is someone who spends a lot of time reading. This man is someone who knows what it takes to be both a good businessman and a good doctor.

Mark McKenna was asked in an interview about the last $100 that he spent. He shared that he spent that kind of money to pay someone to fix his garbage disposal, proving that he is just a regular guy. He mentioned that he was happy with the way that he spent that money and that having the garbage disposal fixed was worth the money that he had to spend. This is a man who is a businessman and a doctor, yet he cares about his garbage disposal. He is someone who also cares about his family. He shared in the interview that was done with him that he gets up with his daughter every day and spends time enjoying breakfast with her.

In addition to working as a doctor and businessman and living out a normal life, Mark McKenna is involved in various organizations. He is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization. In the past, he served on the board of the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

In 2017, Mark McKenna founded OVME and became the CEO of that company. The company was put together to change the way that elective healthcare works. He is someone who knows how to run a business, and he is using all of the experience and knowledge that he has in this new venture.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Healing Service

A patient recently reached out to Doctor Jennifer Walden regarding her breast augmentation and face lift services. Concerned with her decreasing sexual attractiveness due to aging she was eager to discuss her options with Doctor Walden who specializes in cosmetic surgery. The all female staff provided an atmosphere where the patient was able to feel comfortable discussing her concerns as she went through the consultation. Jennifer’s extensive experience in the field of cosmetic surgery showed when every question she asked was answered in full detail. Jennifer was educating the patient on the surgical procedure and what improvements she was to expect after the surgery. “Doctor Walden understood me” said the patient. “Having small breasts feels like a disability when I see my friends flaunting their cleavage to guys”. She wanted to improve her appearance and fix something that bothered her for a long time. “Doctor Walden’s professionalism and absence of judgment allowed me to truly express what I wanted” said the patient. Jennifer Walden provided several breast enhancement options to choose from and she was able to educate the client on her face lift options as well.

Three months after her face lift and breast augmentation procedures the patient expressed an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and joy. “My life has changed and I feel like a new person, an improved version of what I used to be” she said with a big smile on her face. Procedures that improve a person’s appearance create a new level of self-esteem for Doctor Walden’s patients. Cosmetic surgery allows people to fix things that bother them about themselves. Doctor Jennifer Walden is not just a cosmetic surgeon, she is a healer. Through cosmetic procedures she is able to change people’s lives and bring them to a new level of satisfaction and self-esteem.


Jim Tananbaum’s extemporary business venture.

In the recent announcement made by Foresite Capital, Molly He has been named its venture partner. Molly He is a Ph.D. holder who formally was a senior director at Illumina. Dr. He has more than 15 years of experience in both genomic and pharmaceutical research. She has earned her fair share of respect in the scientific research. Jim Tananbaum, the managing director of Foresite Capital, was excited to have her on board. He acknowledged Dr. He as a valuable resource for the company especially in its endeavors of expansion. He went ahead to hail her expertise in drug development and leadership skills.

Dr. He is a proud degree holder of biochemistry which she received from Nankai University. She obtained her Ph.D. in protein biophysics from the University of California. Her career began more than 15 years ago. She spent about ten of these years, in the pharmaceutical industry where her focus was mainly on the design of antibody and drugs that target cancer as well as immune diseases. She later headed Pacific Bioscience. From there she joined Illumina where she took charge of the corporation’s global innovation of protein reagent.

Foresite Capital is a firm that supports healthcare leaders by providing them with growth capital. It selects out healthcare leaders that are emerging and those that have product and services that are disruptive in private and public healthcare markets. Jim Tananbaum founded the company. With him is a 25-year entrepreneurial experience in healthcare. He has his eyes focused on strategy, operational and financial opportunities to come up with an authorized healthcare business. Before coming up with Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum had co-founded two other biopharmaceutical companies namely GelTex Pharmaceuticals, and Theravance international company. He also co-founded two leading healthcare investments practices.

Jim Tananbaum attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his masters of science. He later enrolled in the Harvard Medical School where he attained his Doctor of Medicine (MD). It is from the Harvard Business School where he received his MBA. Jim Tananbaum has served on the advisory board at the Yale Presidential Advisory Council. Besides that, Jim Tananbaum is active on the social media platforms. More details can be found on Bloomberg.