How Agora Financial is Helping The Global Economy

In the early part of the investment stage, the global pie has been growing at an alarming rate (Series A and B). Just four years ago, people only invested less than $10 billion in a quarter; however, during the past two quarters, it has grown twice as much. With a Crunchbase projecting, it reached a record high of $25 billion in the early stages of investments. China along with Southeast Asia and Brazil’s early-stage rounds have been growing steadily in the global markets. For example, Series A investments like Venture ecosystems, is larger than some of the other kinds of investments.

In China, people have been putting a lot more money into Series A. The Chinese have been investing approximately in 2017, $32.8 million, over a third more than other companies. In 2018, 12 Chinese companies have been investing $100 million in the first quarter, growing to $4 billion. Some of the companies included: Ziroom, an apartment rental service in Beijing raised $621 million in Series A. Black Fish, a consumer finance platform company raised $145 million in Series A. Pony ai, an autonomous vehicle startup company raised $112 million in Series A. These three companies alone raised $878 million. Not only China has had plenty of startups, but the United States has had their share of startups as well. In the early-stage rounds, the United States has raised $100 billion, growing up to $1.8 billion. As mentioned before, many of these early-stage rounds are mature or spin-out companies. Some of these companies are Joby Aviation, an inventor of electronic aircraft and Vacasa, a management company for vacation homes. Also, healthcare companies are booming in big dollars. Two of these companies are Celularity, an inventor of placental stem cell-based therapies and another one is Viela Bio, an inventor of therapies for autoimmune diseases.

Over the years, the global market has been increasing with early-stage rounds trending higher. The reason for early-stage funding is because of the pattern of dynamics over time. These days markets have been moving faster and faster. It’s not surprising to see these market move fast in the first quarter. For example, Bird, a scooter sharing company, raised $115 million after just a few month of operation. The global market, as a whole, is increasing while companies are raising more and more early-stage rounds and raising millions of dollars to compete in the global market as well.

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George Soros bands with donors to resist Trump, ‘take back power’

George Soros is one of the few people who has risen from poverty to become a billionaire in the United States. Because he was raised in a harsh government in Hungary where he was born, he does not want any other person in the world to go through what he went through as a way of facilitating better governance in the country. George Soros has foreseen an unfair rule by the President Donald Trump Administration. This is why he has amassed a great amount of money to fight George Soros from power. Taking back power from Donald Trump means you give it back to the people. This is what v wants to do to the people.

George Soros has decided to unite back the liberal philanthropists who chose to support the same course as George Soros for electing the Democrats across the United States. The groups of people who gave more than the rest were invited to a closed-door meeting with George Soros at the Washington-based Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The appearance will be held to assimilate better governance through a formula they will develop to strip President Donald Trump off his power. This is because they believe that President Donald Trump does not have the goodwill of the people at heart and learn more about George Soros.

The conference kicked off on Sunday night with numerous appearances of the Democrat leaders including Senator Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi as the House Democrat Leader, and many other people. George Soros only stated the agenda of the meeting. This was one of the first major gatherings that was left since President Trump won the United States Presidential elections. This was the time when Hilary Clinton lost the elections in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. The few who attended the meeting agreed to uphold their stance towards taking back the power from the unjust leader and Follow his Twitter.

George Soros is a Hungarian-American billionaire who has amassed a great amount of his wealth in the risky currency trades. For over four decades of experience in the risky currency trades, George Soros has made more than $40 billion. More than half of his money has gone to support charitable events in the industry. George Soros was born in Hungary at a time when the Nazi Occupation was sweeping away all the Jews in the country. For those who managed to flee, they saved their lives. However, George Soros sought false identities to secure a chance to continue living in the country with his parents. When he graduated from high school, George Soros found his way to the United Kingdom. George Soros worked as a waiter at a local railway restaurant to pay for his school fees at the London School of Business and more information click here.

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David Giertz Believes Retirees Must Be Educated Regarding Social Security Retirement

Since the time David Giertz spent leading one of the largest of the country’s insurance providers his skill as a financial advisor has only increased. One of his biggest current concerns is the failure of so many financial advisers to discuss the aspects of social security retirement with their clients. He strongly believes this is not only detrimental to the clients but to the financial advisers as well.


Most retirees do not fully understand social security due to the complex nature and want a financial advisor who will educate them on the subject. They have admitted they will go so far as to switch their advisor if their concerns are not satisfactorily met. The sad fact is even though there is a handbook explaining social security readily available many financial advisors do not broach the subject. This may be due to the numerous rules and regulations or the complexity of the subject but David Giertz believes this has become a critical issue. An excellent example is the large amount of money that will be forfeited if social security is taken too soon.


David Giertz has spent thirty years in financial services and his advice is accurate and precise. He is familiar with the strategies used to achieve growth and profits and is an expert in their execution. His track record is impressive and gives him the unique qualifications necessary to offer advice regarding the social security retirement system. David Giertz is currently employed by Nationwide Investment Services as a financial advisor and has passed four exams in the field.


David Giertz earned the credentials to become a registered broker with FINRA and is working for one of the larger brokerage firms. Brokers are qualified in the purchasing and selling of securities including mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. He has the ability to perform transactions for his clients involving securities and can additionally use this ability for his own account.

Equities First Holdings – One Stop Junction to Get Non-Purpose Loans

Equities First Holdings is a prominent name in the business of providing alternative financing solutions. It is a U.S. company with global footprints and has offices at strategic international business hubs, such as in China, United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, and United Kingdom. Equities First Holdings was established in the year 2002 with the aim to help the middle market companies and small to large businesses with the means to solve the financial crunch they face at regular intervals. The companies need financing to grow and sustain without any hiccups, and it is what the Equities First Holdings provide.

Equities First Holdings’ office in Melbourne was recently relocated to a much larger office at the heart of the city. It is part of the business expansion the company has been planning for a while, especially considering the growing market for alternative financial solutions in Australia. The new office in Melbourne would be able to accommodate more employees, and due to its location in the heart of the city, it would make it readily available for clients as well. The management of the company believes that it would also add brand value and assist with improving the business generated in Melbourne.

One of the reasons why alternative financial solutions have become highly popular these days is because of the trouble associated with getting the conventional loans from the banks. The conventional loans take a lot of time to get approved and need a lot of documentations. Moreover, the rate of interest in a conventional loan is very high, and the processing fees are also astronomical. However, the non-purpose loans offered by Equities First Holdings are provided swiftly with easy repayment terms and conditions, which are designed keeping in mind the convenience of the customers. These loans are highly beneficial for the small to medium sized businesses that need to fuel liquidity into their activities at regular intervals to grow consistently.


The Value of Stephen Rotella

President of StoneCastle Partners LLC and Philanthropist, Stephen Rotella has proven his success with his experience in different areas of business. With more than 30 years of experience in the financial sector, Stephen Rotella is well-versed in finances, particularly retail and online banking. Looking at his accomplishments addresses what he has achieved and what he continues to do.


After graduating from Stony Brook University in 1975 with a degree in economics, Rotella attended University of Albany to earn his Master’s of Business Administration. His education would lead him to various organizations, helping him build what would become an impressive resume. He started his career as Senior Consultant, from there he would become the Vice-President of Shearson Lehman Inc. This experience eventually helped him become President and Chief Operating Officer of WaMu from 2005 to 2008. His time at WaMu would eventually help him earn the role CEO of StoneCastle Partners LLC. This role also helped become the President of StoneCastle Partners in 2014, where he currently resides.


Rotella’s role as CEO and President of StoneCastle Partners LLC has led to their success in a number of areas. In a press release in, discusses the success of StoneCastle Partners LLC acquires insured deposit sweep business from Intermedium Financial. As a leading provider of insured deposit technology, StoneCastle Partners LLC is now able to to expand their strategy into broker-dealer, financial advisor, 401K, and other financial areas, according to the article. The article highlights the success of StoneCastle Partners LLC, addressing the work of Rotella and how he continues to find innovative ways to bring success to this business. Another article, posted in PR Newswire, discusses the value of Rotella for the business, LIFT. The article tells of Rotella’s promotion as the new Chairman of the National Board for LIFT.


Rotella’s background in business, especially with what he’s accomplished, highlights his success. In addition, his role as CEO and President of StoneCastle Partners LLC as well as Chairman of LIFT also signifies his value to these corporations. Stephen Rotella is a significant individual, making a powerful impact on the lives of others.