George Soros Helps Attain an Open Society through His Foundations

George Soros donated 18 billion dollars to Open Society Foundations. According to NY Times, the billionaire made a considerable donation which was among the most substantial fund transfers from an individual donor to any foundation. The contribution made Open Society become the United States’ second-largest philanthropic institution following the footsteps of Melinda Gates. Besides, George Soros benefited by securing a position in the midst of political social debates across the country.

Mr. George Soros is a Democratic primary donor and manages the hedge fund. He started the Open Society Foundation in April 1993, and it is based in New York. The organization aims to build tolerant vibrant democracies in which the authorities would maintain openness and accountability to all people’s participation. The foundation commits to empowering the rule of law, strengthen democracy in governments, promote the respect for minorities and human rights, and advocate for civil societies. Besides, the institution implements initiatives that improve public health, independence of the media, education, and justice. The organization fights corruption across the continents regions.

According to Open Society Foundations, George Soros is among the leading philanthropists. Through his administration, Open Society manages to support global organizations and individuals that advocate for accountable government, freedom of expression, and civil societies. He gave over 32 billion dollars of his wealth to finance the Open Society’s operations throughout the world. George Soros founded and still funds Budapest’s Central European University which is leading in the field of social sciences.

George’s foundations finance students’ education by paying their tuition fees. The assistance majorly goes to those students that undergo discrimination for their origins. He also supports those that are not welcome to the society, for instance, drug users, LGBTIs, and sex workers. He helps them undergo rehabilitation and become acceptable to the community.

His philanthropic works originate from his firsthand experience. Soros survived the Nazi occupation that saw the loss of half a million Hungarian Jewish lives. George’s Jewish family had to change identities and hide their backgrounds to escape the Nazi occupation. Open Society reports that Soros chose to resist the evil force by not submitting to their fate.

After the war, the Communists took over power in Budapest. George went to London in 1947 where he worked as a waiter in a night-club and a railway porter to raise enough money to finance his studies. He later left to the US where he entered the field of investments finance. He began Soros Fund Management, his hedge fund in 1970. Through the fortune obtained from the hedge fund, Soros was able to launch Open Society which is a network of projects, partners, and foundations across the world.

George Soros’ gave scholarships to students of South Africa during apartheid. He assisted in the advocacy for open ideas exchange in Hungary. His fights gear towards achieving a free society without discrimination to anyone.

George’s donations go beyond his institutions, financing private independent organizations. For instance, he supports the International Crisis Group Global Witness. Currently, George travels around the world in support of civil works and advocacy for positive policy enactments.

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