Clayton Hutson’s Road to a Successful Tour Manager

A tour manager can make or break any music tour. Clayton Hutson has been in the consideration for many musicians tours, either small and big. He has been able to bring success to many musicians over the years he has been in the industry.


Hutson is a successful live sound engineer, monitor engineer as well as a manager. He is passionate about what he does. Over the two decades that he has been in the industry, Clayton Hutson has established himself as a successful production manager in the music industry. He is one of the best in the profession. To be a successful tour manager as Clayton, it takes hard work and dedication.


Over an extended period, Clayton Hutson has been in the industry working in different aspects such as audio, lighting and driving the truck. He has been able to wear different hats successfully. Despite his success, Hutson is a down-to-earth type of person, who faces challenges that come his way without shying off.


Hutson brought SD11 console on the road during the Arron Lewis tour, which was the first of its kind and got a great success. The equipment choice demonstrates the in-depth knowledge that Hutson as a musical engineering tour manager can give to the clients.


Apart from being a tour manager, Hutson is also an accomplished sound engineer. He has been able to work with various artists from different music genres and has been able to put together some memorable performances.


Hutson also operates his own live event production company. The company has been able to work with many artists on different types of tours. The company has been a top choice for many artists. It offers services such as production management, show producer, production design and other services.


Clayton Hutson takes part in every stage of the live show process, starting from the idea phase to the execution. Due to his creativity in the industry, Hutson is aware of the difficult challenges that can arise in the live show and seems always to have the solution.


Clayton Hutson has a Bachelor’s in Theater Design and Production from Central Michigan. It was after his studies when he entered in the music industry as a production manager. One thing he was sure of, is that he had to work his way from the bottom, and that is what he did. Learn more: