All about Class Dojo and its Amazing Features

Class Dojo is a teacher app that makes their job a breeze. This application was created in 2011 and educators use it to communicate with parents. They also use Class Dojo to keep track of a student’s progress in school. The following information will explain Class Dojo and its amazing features.

Class Dojo was released in 2011. It was developed by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. These two men were former educators in the past. They know from first hand experience how difficult it can be to reach students and their parents. They also know the challenges of showing how well students are performing in school.

Keep in mind that Chaudhary and Don worked in the education field. They both personally experienced the the problems that are a part of the system. This is one reason why so many teachers really enjoy this app. Chaudhary even took the extra step to speak with teachers and parents during the development process for Class Dojo. He wanted to hear them explain what they liked and disliked about education.

He then took this information and relayed it to Don. They used this vital data when they made the app. Now, Class Dojo is a streamlined application that people can use to communicate about students performance. It is also useful for rewards which help students to better engage their classroom experience.

Teachers and parents can communicate about schoolwork, special projects, homework and other important school functions. The app also has the ability to create a social online classroom between educators, families and their students. Dojo gives students a voice or a way to express themselves through a digital portfolio. Teachers and parents can even meet up whenever they desire.

One of the best things about Class Dojo is its effectiveness. Again, teachers love this app because it allows them to create dynamic classrooms. Parents like the app because it makes their school involvement easier and less of a hassle. Students like using this technology because it gives them the ability to perform better in class. Each of these reasons are made possible through the many great features that Class Dojo provides.