A review of Dr. Walden

Born in Austin, Texas on November 17th, 1971, Dr. Jennifer Walden was raised in a family of people working in the medical field. She had a dentist father and her mother a surgical nurse. Dr. Jennifer Walden attended Anderson High school after which she joined the University of Texas where she graduated with an undergraduate degree in Biology. She obtained her Master’s Degree from the Medical Branch at the University of Texas.

With Dr. Sherrell Aston as her mentor, Dr. Jennifer Walden’s career took off in Manhattan at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. A Modern Aesthetics’ and Plastic Surgery Practice Editorial Board of Directors member, Jennifer Walden has been a commentator of high class on plastic surgery by different media including Fox News. She also happens to be among the very few women who hold positions in the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Board of Directors.

For over five years in the field of plastic surgery, Walden focuses majorly on cosmetic surgery. This includes face-lifts, eyelid lifts, breast augmentations as well as nose jobs. She delights in her job basing on the fact that a great percentage of the people who seek plastic surgery services are women. This motivates her since she experiences the same problems as those experienced by her patients. She adds that her being in service boosts the morale of patients since they know she cannot look at them in a judgmental manner and more

After seven and a half years of service in Manhattan, Walden opted to move back to Austin, her hometown to take care of her two sons. Being a single mother, she moved to keep her sons closer to her family. She established her services in Austin to be close to her sons and attend to patients without inconveniences.

Dr. Walden Received Her Medical Degree and Training

Dr.  Jennifer Walden:

*An in depth look at Dr. Jennifer Walden:

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an established and well respected plastic surgeon located in Austin Texas. Dr. Walden is Board Certified and is specifically trained within the field of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Walden had an established at one time in New York City. However, after a great deal of success she decided to relocate her practice to Texas.

Dr. Walden has a “Philosophy” that enforces her belief that a person’s outer beauty should match their internal beauty in every way possible. Turning back the hands of time can help a person improve their self-esteem as well as outlook on life in general.

Dr. Jennifer Walden does a great deal of breast augmentation as well as tummy tuck surgery. She is said to be one of the best cosmetic surgeons within the business. In addition to breast augmentation, Dr. Jennifer Walden gives injections as well as hair restoration treatments and radio frequency procedures.

The doctor has appeared numerous times on CBS, Fox and ABC. Dr. Walden has publicly discussed her current practice as well as her personal beliefs on plastic surgery. Dr. Jennifer Walden without a doubt has changes numerous lives for the better. Dr. Walden now has her own lifestyle show on an ABC affiliate station in Austin. Her lifestyle program has already received rave reviews.

*Medical Education & Training:

Dr. Walden received her Medical Degree and training from the University of Texas Medical College. She completed her Fellowship training in New York City. After completing her Fellowship, Dr. Walden took part in a number of important clinical trials. Dr. Walden frequently uses a special 3-D technology known as Vectra. This special 3-D technology plays an important role in Rejuvenation procedures. Dr. Walden developed her own medical surgical instruments that are now marketed by Accurate Scientific Company.

Finally, Dr. Jennifer Walden without a doubt is quite successful. She is also a smart business women who has managed to stay on top in a very competitive industry. Dr. Walden does do speaking engagements when she can find the time. However, in the future she hopes to devote more time to speaking seminars and engagements.