The Prognosis of Mitt Romney’s Cancer by David Samadi

Mitt Romney, a former presidential nominee, recently made it public that he has prostate cancer. Dr. David Samadi says that he underwent surgery for a tumor in his prostate area. By going public with this news means that Mitt might be planning to run for Senate position in Ohio. Dr. Thomas of California’s UC Irvine Hospital is the surgeon who performed the surgery. Older men of at least 65 years are more likely to get prostate cancer than younger men. Romney is 70 years old. Patients diagnosed with prostate cancer can opt for either surgical treatment or radiation.

Other Similar Cases in U.S. History

While Colin Powell was Secretary of State in 2003, he went to Walter Reed Army Medical Center for removal of his prostate gland. John Kerry also learned that he had prostate cancer while running for presidency in 2002. Luckily, both cases were treated successfully.

Reasons Why Surgery Is Considered Better than Radiation

Radiation exposure may put the men at risk of getting other forms of cancer like rectal or bladder cancer as a side effect of radiation

  • Men treated using radiation have a higher chance of dying from prostate cancer. They also have a higher chance of dying compared to those undergo surgery for the same
  • Men with localized cancer and who opt for surgery have a survival rate of 100%. When a man opts for radiation first and then changes to surgery, his chances of living more than 5 years becomes at most 29%

It is important that men with prostate cancer know more about a surgeon before they go ahead with the treatment. They should ask about the number of years he has been in the business and the number of successful cases he has dealt with. The patients should also ask about the probable side effects in terms of sex and urination. The more informed you are about a treatment procedure, the more prepared you will be for it.

More on David Samadi

Samadi is a 48 year old prostrate surgeon at the Lenox Hill Hopital. He has been successful in treating more than 7000 prostate cancer cases. David was born in the Middle East. He has lived in Europe and now lives in the United States. He has performed robotic surgery in many nations across the globe. All his cases have been successful. He also appears on Fox News on a weekly basis.

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