How Chris Villanueva Fostered the Growth of MB2 Dental Solutions

MB2 Dental Solutions is a practice development and dental management firm founded by Chris Steven Villanueva. The company is also affiliated with practice owners, and dentists in the U.S. MB2 Dental reaches clients from different geographical locations through its affiliated offices. These offices strive for clinical autonomy and are run by MB2’s professional team. As an associate dentist, you can also seek MB2’s mentoring, career growth, and learning solutions. These solutions enable associate dentists to progress their career as they work with an affiliate office of MB2 Dental Solutions. Through its 70 affiliated centers in six U.S. states, MB2 Dental Solutions provides clients with cost effective dental solutions.


Success Story


The success story of MB2 Dental began when Chris Steven Villanueva founded the dental firm. He was inspired by the challenges that faced the group practice and sole practice models of dentistry. He also wanted dentists to obtain knowledge from the company that would benefit them professionally. MB2 Dental Solutions was also established with a mission to combine the qualities of group practices and sole practitioners. Since 2009 when it was founded, the number of professionals working at MB2’s affiliated dental offices has grown to more than 75 individuals.


Vision and Mission


As a dental firm, MB2 Dental Solutions seeks to create an atmosphere for dentists to perfect their practices. The company also focuses on helping customers by meeting their individual needs. MB2’s mission is to enhance dental solutions in the U.S. by working with a team of experts. The firm also relies on personalized systems when handling non-clinical tasks. This approach enables affiliated owners to make rational business decisions that are entirely focused on patient care. MB2’s professional team is driven by innovation, integrity, teamwork, and excellence.

Leadership Team


Chris Steven Villanueva heads the leadership team of MB2 Dental Solutions as the CEO. Justin Puckett, who serves as the company’s president, assists him in managing the dental practice. Justin Carroll, whose expertise lies in investment strategies, holds the chief operations officer position. He works closely with Mark Fuller, who has over twenty years of experience in finance and accounting. Fuller is the chief financial officer of the dental firm. Martha Alikacem is the chief revenue officer for MB2 Dental Solutions. She joined the company in 2012, and she has been instrumental in managing the company’s billing operations. Other members of MB2’s leadership team include Jake Berry, VP of business development, Thomas Southam, chief compliance officer, and Chad Caldwell, director of human resources.

The Way MB2 Dental Is Helping Dentists And Patients

MB2 Dental was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. He began his career in the dental community but became frustrated by the problems of both Group and Sole Practices. This was what caused him to establish MB2 Dental. He wanted dentists to be able to be just dentists without sacrificing the benefits and profits from their careers. He believed the benefits of all practices could be combined while mitigating the negative. From the time MB2 Dental began in 2009 to the current time frame his vision has become a reality. They now have over 75 employees and 60 dental practices have been affiliated into the company.


MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization that partners with dentists almost everywhere. Once a dental office becomes affiliated they are provided with offices and the services they require. These services are designed to let dentists efficiently run their offices. They don’t have to give up their control over the care their patients receive and their standards of care stay in effect. A dentists clinical autonomy remains at 100% and their practice is run with efficiency. The Associated Dentists are offered a network of career growth, mentoring and learning through MB2 Dental. Their advancement is entirely dependent on their individual skills and their drive.


This is a community. A dentist can finally focus solely on giving the best dental care possible to all of their patients. With help relating to the business aspects in all dental practices the dentists have the time to not only focus on their patients but to ensure they are meeting every single one of their needs. MB2 Dental has stated they have an important mission. They want to provide all of their affiliated dentists with a team that works together. A team that are experts in their individual fields. A team capable of offering the kind of guidance, knowledge and personalized systems the dentists need. They handle all of the tasks that are not clinical required of every single practice. This means the owners are free to make the business decisions that are necessary and puts their main focus back on patient care.