Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina Supports the Rebranding of The Huffing Post to HuffPost

Bob Reina, the CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion, published two articles on the HuffPost. This happened during the HuffPost’s night-and-day rebranding. He released his first article dubbed Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience on April 24, 2017, prior to the renaming of The Huffington Post as HuffPost. Reina then released his second article titled How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters on the morning of April 26, 2017.


According to a letter from Lydia Polgreen, the HuffPost’s editor, HuffPost is geared towards narrating the stories of those people who have been sidelined from the conversation. The new endeavor by the news provider resonates well with Bob Reina’s objectives as both Talk Fusion’s CEO and founder and contributor of the HuffPost.


Reina asserted that he strongly believes in the art of innovation and that the growth of a brand is never complete. For him, his objectives include preparing people for success regardless of their background or geographical setting. Reina reiterated that his articles have always depicted his mission. Since August 2016, Bob Reina has served as a contributor for the HuffPost. His different contributor platform hints to various matters such as self-development, skillful selling, entrepreneurship, video technology trends and lifestyle.


Bob Reina was thrilled with the initiative taken by HuffPost through their rebranding in a bid to focus on issues that matter in society such as fulfillment and culture. For this reason, he eagerly hopes to share more informative articles not only with his Talk Fusion’s associates and customers but also with about 200 million readers of the HuffPost.


In-depth Details About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion is one of the top providers of video marketing solutions. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has devoted itself to business growth and changing lives through the company’s patent-pending technology. For this reason, Talk Fusion has assisted businesses to stack up against their competitors, keep their customers coming back and increase their profits and sales. The company markets a broad range of innovative products person to person through its independent associates who are located in more than 140 nations globally. Additionally, Talk Fusion is an accomplished member of the Direct Selling Association.